Nagpurkars Gather Together To Write Letters To Their Schools; Revisit Schooldays

Letters to as many as 60 schools all across the country were penned.

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‘Today, we’ll learn how to write an informal letter by writing a letter to your friend.’

Almost every one of us has heard a statement like this from our English teachers at some point in our school lives. The thought of writing your first letter, be it formal or informal, was surely an exciting one. We’d take a good long minute to choose that one dear friend we wished to write to. And when it came to drafting the body, we’d sneakily include a playtime plan or share a secret. The signing, of course, was with the good ol’ ‘With love’ where each one of us took very seriously and sent a lot of it.

Ah! The innocence can make any cynic believe that school days, no matter how, were, in fact, the best days ever.

Cut to the current scenario.

Handwritten letters, which was considered to be a dying art, has suddenly found life in the paper lines again. A wave of tide has taken the letter writing back in action. People from Nagpur and other cities are organizing events that include letter writing, postcard writing prompts and every possible form of an informal letter.

Ones to start the trend in the city, The Goodwill Tribe paid an ode to schools by asking people to write a letter to their alma mater. The idea was to express gratitude and relive the school days through a letter. Letter writing, which is an essential part of our school life, was consciously chosen as a medium to pay a tribute to the very institution that taught us the art.

The cloudy evening of Sunday saw attendees from the age group of 18 to 35 walk into the 3 Beans Coffee Bar, choose a corner and relive all those memories of the school which brought a smile to their faces. To set the school days mode on, the café played a curated playlist of the classic 90s song and distributed toffees like mango bite, orange candy, and kismi bars. The café also served pepsi cola and a warm cream roll which took not just the attendees but also the organizers into a nostalgia mode.

The Goodwill Tribe collaborated with a local art shop ‘The Baroque Shop’, which displayed a wide variety of the artworks they created. The artwork along with the décor of origami boats and planes added to the café’s ambience, making it look cutesier.

At the end of the event, entrees were handed a souvenir of tippy-tops that reminded them of the little games they’d played in the middle of the class.

Kalpit, who attended the event, said: “I felt great seeing so many people from my school turn up to write about their school days. I had fun catching up with them and see them do so well in their life. I also got to meet a lot of my juniors who updated me about the changes my school underwent after I passed out."

When quizzed if he thought his school would get nostalgic after reading his letter, he laughs and says, “I don’t think so. I was quite a notorious student all throughout my school life. But I do hope that at least some of the teachers remember me after reading my letter.”

Here's a glimpse of the evening in its best form:











A little video that captured the nostalgic moments:

Photos: Devashish Jalamkar

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