Nagpur Man Kieren Dsouza Creates History! First Indian To Complete Spartathlon

Kya dauda hai Nagpur ka potta!

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Nagpur man Kieren Dsouza became the first Indian to complete Spartathlon, a 248 km ultramarathon race held between two cities of Greece - Athens and Sparta. He was also the only runner from India in the event which saw participation from 370 participants and completed the race in 33 hours 1 minutes & 38 seconds.


Kieren hails from Nagpur and has studied in Montford Secondary School. He is an avid runner running race since he was 19 years of age. He has previously completed a very difficult 222 km long 'La Ultra' marathon held in Ladakh, India.

Soon after completing the run, Spartathlon, he posted this on Facebook - 

The Spartathlon is held to honor the Athenian messenger Pheidippides who ran from Athens to Sparta in 490 BC asking for help against the Persians who had attacked Greece in almost a day's time. The entry requirements are extremely strict wherein the individual must have completed a 100 Km and 200 Km races within a specified time. The best timing recorded since the competition started is 20 hours 20 mins by Yiannis Kouros in the first year of marathon.

Congratulations Kieran! You have made us proud.

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