Nagpur To Host Its First 'World Orange Festival 2017' This December!

International Orange Cultivators and Technology Experts from Israel, Turkey and South Africa will also attend this festival.

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In a first of its kind, Nagpur will host a festival dedicatedly held in support of the orange producers in Nagpur. Chief Minister of state, Devendra Fadnavis, revealed the first look of ‘World Orange Festival 2017’. The festival which will be held on December 16, 17 and 18, 2017, will be supported by the Government of Maharashtra and Maharashtra Tourism Development Corporation (MTDC).

Marking the celebrations of this ‘pride of Nagpur’, will be cultural performances, contests for the visitors along with in-depth information of the fruit. Multiple activities at the fest will also see trips to orange orchards, installation of oranges by art students, food, and recipe contests, music performances, cultural display, etc.

Exhibitions and seminars will be held which will see farmers from 10 states participate. International Orange Cultivators and Technology Experts from 3 global destinations viz. Israel, Turkey and South Africa will also attend this festival.

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Taplight, the experiential marketing division of a leading newspaper, is the brain behind the concept and organizing the fest. The aim of this festival is to inspire, motivate and appreciate the efforts taken by farmers in the region to cultivate the best quality of oranges. It also looks forward to put Nagpur as ‘The Orange City’ on the world map.

Speaking on the occasion, Maharashtra Chief Minister, Devendra Fadnavis said, “For years Nagpur has been producing oranges which are equal to international standards. However, Nagpur has not got due recognition globally. Through this project we aim at giving global branding to Nagpur oranges and increase income for farmers. The key idea behind orange festival is to create awareness across the world and promote Nagpur oranges on global map.”

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Jaykumar Jitendrasinha Rawal, Maharashtra’s tourism minister said, “The launch of ‘World Orange Festival 2017’ is to promote specialities of Nagpur oranges on the global map. MTDC is playing an important role to promote Nagpur oranges internationally and give a momentum to Nagpur as a tourist destination in winter. It also opens pathways for people with diverse interest in art, culture, food, trade to come together and converge at Nagpur for a common cause. Moreover, traditional and cultural presentations showcasing the culture of the state will give a great reason for tourists to visit Nagpur at this festival.”

"The most important thing for the growth of India is to increase the income of farmers. India is a competitive country and a difficult part is to create awareness within the nation. The main motive behind orange festival is to create awareness and linkages which will eventually help in the growth of the farmers and their value chain. UPL is involved with orange farmers in many parts of the world and our continuous efforts is to increase the income of the farmers which will eventually help them to invest in new technologies for increasing the yield. The festival will give knowledge to increase and improve orange cultivation for farmers through various seminars and sessions.” said Jai Shroff, Global CEO, UPL.

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