Nagpur Witnesses About 6,000 Safe Deliveries Under The 'Maher Ghar' Scheme

Along with Maher Ghar, another project thriving largely in Wardha district is diabetic retinopathy.

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The ‘Maher Ghar’ scheme of the public health department registered about 6,068 safe deliveries in the last three years. The scheme was rolled out in 2011 with the aim of promoting hygienic and safe deliveries and providing the mother-child with proper post-delivery facilities.

The registered deliveries were conducted in six districts including the tribal and remote areas of Nagpur.

Dr Sanjay Jaiswal, deputy director health services (DDHS) & Nagpur circle, told reporters on Wednesday that the 'Maher Ghar' scheme was giving very good results.

 Source: dailysun

"Under this scheme, pregnant women who are apparently supposed to face complications during delivery are brought to the primary health centres (PHCs) where they are housed for about 15 days to a month and taken care of. At the 'Maher Ghar', parents home as the name suggests, one attendant along with the woman is given Rs 100 per day till the delivery which helps them maintain their daily expenses," said Dr Jaiswal.

There are 51 Primary Health Care currently with Gadchiroli having 31, Gondia and Chandrapur have 13 and 7, respectively. The number of deliveries ever since the scheme’s inception are- 2,169 deliveries in 2013-14, 1,913 deliveries in 2014-15 and 1,980 deliveries in 2015-16.

Along with Maher Ghar, another project thriving largely in Wardha district is diabetic retinopathy. As many as 1,452 patients underwent the screening process. 235 out of them were suspected cases. The patients were then referred to the Mahatma Gandhi Institute of Medical Sciences, out of which 37 patients went through a laser operation.

Information source: timesofindia

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