Nagpur And Varanasi Are All Set To Get Two Intermodal Stations

The project is in the final stage of completion.

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In a recent update, Nagpur will get India’s first intermodal station at the estimated cost of Rs 200 crore along with Varanasi.

Various transportation modes such as rail, road, mass rapid transit system, bus rapid transit, inland waterways, autorickshaws, taxis and private vehicles will come under one roof once the Intermodal stations (IMS) are constructed in these cities.  IMS will allow people to use fewer automobiles and move from one mode to another, effortlessly.

Generally, in India, transport hubs like bus terminals, railway stations, and others are located far from each other.  As inter-modal transfers create pressure on the already congested roads, IMS will help the transport modes come together and roads will reduce congestion along with the vehicular pollution. 

A detailed pre-feasibility study has been done by the National Highways Authority of India (NHAI) before setting up intermodal stations at Nagpur and Varanasi. However, the detailed project reports for this development are on its final stage of completion.

The IMS will be installed in fifteen cities across the country, with Nagpur and Varanasi being the pilot projects.

"Members of the SPV will provide paid-up capital or land as part of their equity contribution to the SPV. NHAI will fund the construction of the terminal infrastructure including railway infrastructure, ISBT, common areas (concourse, waiting rooms, transport retail), parking and other station facilities," The Economic Times quoted a government official.

The land where the IMS will be constructed will either provided by the Railways or the state government. 

The operations, constructions, and management will be bid out to a private concessionaire on a hybrid annuity model. The rights for the post-commencement of operations will be offered in a Public-private partnership (PPP) mode. Their commercial developments will help in the recovering the construction costs.

"In Indian cities, transport hubs like bus terminals, railway stations, and others are located far from each other, so inter-modal transfers create pressure on the congested roads. The stations will cater to passenger volumes for next 30 years and will have world-class amenities like FOBs with travellators, subways, common waiting rooms, clean toilets and restrooms, integrated public information systems, modern fire-fighting and emergency response services, convenience stores," added the official.

The planning of the IMS has been done in an integrated manner along with road network development through new connecting roads, bridges, and flyovers.

Information Source: Economic Times

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