VBD Or Nothin’! Struggles That Every Person Who Studied In Nagpur University Knows

We can offer you nothing but sympathy.

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- you have more guidebooks than the library at Oxford (the one in Britain, not Buldi) can hold,

- your external viva voce involves a suspicious aroma of Haldiram’s samosas in the background,

- you know Tukadoji Maharaj better than your own grandfather,

Then welcome to the brotherhood. You have survived- or are still pitted against- the nine-tiered hell that is Rashtrasant Tukadoji Maharaj Nagpur University.

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Here is why we think Nagpur University is the Mogambo to your Mr India, the Vegeta to your Goku, and the Shravan to your Saoji:

1. Syllabus

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The RTMNU syllabus has nothing to do with the trends in the outside world, demands of the industry, and often, with the subject itself. And thus begins the search for VBD’s - that Holy Grail for all engineering students - and other guidebooks for students of other disciplines, if any exist in Nagpur, that is - to make sense of this madness

2. Schedules

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I stand corrected. RTMNU isn’t Mogambo. It is that villain from the 70's with the most innovative, intricate equipment for torture like sharks and slowly shrinking pressure chambers. The exam schedules are designed to coincide with either (a) wedding season or Diwali during winters, or (b) IPL or the World Cup during summers. Both ways, even Big B couldn’t possibly survive. Toh tum kya cheez ho?

3. Colleges

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Colleges are just mini-RTMNU. Each a decentralised torture cell in itself. You either have no classes, no practicals, no learning- or such rigorous courses that you are educated to within an inch of your life.

There is no in-between.

4. Exam timetables

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As if #2 wasn’t terrible enough, we have exams scheduled at 2 pm during the summers, and 9 in the morning during the winters.

Someone tell these people that the ‘N’ in RTMNU does not stand for Nainital!

5. Exam centres

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RTMNU has this weird practice where a select bunch of students are asked to relocate to another part of the globe to write their exams.

Thanks RTMNU! I can now check ‘writing an exam in a remote Kalmeshwar village’ off my bucket list.

6. Evaluation

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You slogged away for the entire semester, you did unmentionable things (to your dignity...what were you thinking?) for the sake of internal marks, you travelled to Timbuktoo (or Tajbagh) in the heat to write exams. And when the results are finally out, you wonder if it would make any difference if you wrote the National Anthem in your answer sheet instead of answers.

Maybe the latter would fetch you more marks.  

Never ask “how bad can it get?” in the case of RTMNU. The university takes it as a challenge.

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Bolo VBD Maiya ki….!

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