Underage Driving: Cops Can Now Send The Parents Of The Offenders To Jail

Youngsters should have a valid driving license, helmet, registered vehicle, pollution under control certificate, etc. at all times while riding.

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Nagpur’s city traffic police is proposing action to jail the parents of the underage youngsters who are caught driving a vehicle. The step is being taken ahead of the reopening of schools in order to keep a check on the hazards of underage driving. Gajanan Rajmane, deputy commissioner of police (traffic), said that those indicted of underage driving along with their parents will be booked under section 279 of Indian Penal Code.

However, the first-timers will have to undergo a mandatory counseling session along with their parents or the person who is the rightful registered owner of the vehicle, after which the action under the Motor Vehicles Act will be taken. “If a minor is caught the second time, we will charge the parents under the Indian Penal Code,” the DCP said. The law discourages minors to drive any vehicle as they could put their lives in danger along with those on the road.

Special teams have been formed and deployed at the eight zones in the city. These teams will position themselves near schools and colleges and take strict action against those caught on the charges of underage driving, driving without a license or violation of any traffic rules. The traffic police have also taken the initiative of sending letters to schools and colleges urging them to pass on the message of safe driving and following of traffic rules.

 “We have set a format for educational institutions to take note of what students must ensure while riding or driving to their institutions in a vehicle. This includes valid driving licence, helmet, registered vehicle, pollution under control certificate etc,” he said.

The traffic police have caught 65 minors in the last five months and taken action against them and their parents under the applicable sections of the Motor Vehicles Act. The cops have now started confiscating two-wheelers of those driving without a valid licence. The parents, who go to pick up the vehicle, are also charged with a fine of Rs. 500 along with the riders.

Regular inspection will carried out at various checkpoints to ensure that the youngsters drive safely and follow the traffic rules and regulations. The state home department has instructed the police to take necessary actions against the violators.  

At present, the traffic cops book the minors and parents under Sections 180 (allowing unauthorized persons to drive vehicles) and 181 (driving vehicles in contravention of section 3 (necessity for driving licence) or section 4 (age limit in connection with driving of motor vehicles) of the Motor Vehicles Act of 1988. However, they will now be booked under section 279 of IPC along with Motor Vehicles Act wherein the accused will be sent to prison for a term up to six months or be fined up to Rs. 1,000 or both.

Information source: timesofindia

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