Nagpur’s 12-Day-Old Girl Got Into The Clutches Of Human Trafficking For Rs 50,000

The three culprits are booked under the section- 370 of Indian Penal Code (IPC)

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A heinous crime of human trafficking came to the light when a 26 year old woman approached Dhantoli police to inform the case of their 12-day-old missing daughter who was sold for Rs 50,000 to a couple claiming to own a surrogacy clinic.

The victim, Mona Barsagade and her husband Avinash hail from Wadi and were approached by Bharti to the couple Manish Mundada and his wife Harsha who purchased the baby and sold it to an unidentified purchaser for INR 50,000.

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Mona and her husband are labourers by profession and were approached by the mediator who asked Mona to become a surrogate mother. To find if she was fit for surrogacy, certain series of tests was been done where she was found to be pregnant. Few months later she was made to undergo sonography and other tests from different hi-end medical centres.

According to Mona and the police, Mundada couple would constantly try to stay in touch with her and inquire about her health and the status of her pregnancy.

On November 22, Mona delivered the baby at Government Medical College and Hospital (GMCH) and handed them the baby on December 3 and was paid Rs 50,000. Mona later regretted on her own doing and asked them to return the baby on December 4. But the couple refused to hand over the baby back to her, instead threatened her over this act of hers; this made Mona approach to the police.

Initially Mona went to Wadi police who then transferred her case to Dhantoli police station. The offence was registered at Dhantoli police station and invoked section 370 of Indian Penal Code (IPC) for trafficking and section 506 for threatening.

To make this case even more bewildering, Manish now claims that he have parented Mona's child following an illicit relationship with her. They say that they have sponsored essential food and nutrients with and other daily needs, during the pregnancy span of Mona.

Well, while we wait for the righteous justice to come out, we wish 12 day old baby gets traced out safe amidst this chaos.

Information source: toi

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