Nagpur Teacher Hiring Scam Be Probed Into By The State Education Department

As per the RTI filed by Gupta, as many as 712 members of staff (teaching and non-teaching) were hired from year 2012 to 2016.

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An investigation has been ordered by the state education department into the alleged scam of teacher hiring at Nagpur district. The department has also ordered the Zilla Parishad to provide a report within two months on the issue.

As per reports of TOI, an RTI activist has procured documents which indicate a large scam with respect to the hiring of teachers. The partial teacher hiring freeze which was brought about in 2012 was sidestepped by the educations officials themselves, committing a scam.

Activist Vijay Gupta reveals that as many as thousand files relevant to the teacher hiring process, have gone missing. An investigation was ordered by the state education commissioner, who wrote to ZP’s CEO.

Gupta said, "I am grateful to the state government for ordering this inquiry because now the entire rot will be visible to public. Official documents in my possession clearly show that the Nagpur secondary education department is under-reporting number of teachers that were hired post the 2012-freeze. Also files of such teachers are not to be found in the education department, which makes it all the more suspicious."

The education officials have refused to comment on the alleged scam, citing a violation of protocols amidst the ongoing winter assembly sessions.

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 An education department employee who did not wish to be named, said, "In the department, everyone is talking about this issue and four names are doing the rounds. Two of them are currently serving in different sections of the department while two are retired."

The employee further said that his "office grapevine" pegs the scam at crores of rupees.

"Here people are saying that Rs 10-15 lakh was taken per teacher and we are talking about hundreds of them according to the complaint filed by Gupta. This amount got distributed between school trustee, principal and some of our employees which is why nobody complained," he added.

Rumor has it that four people are being scrutinized at the local education department, out of which only three of them have a valid argument to put forth. The fourth official succumbed to a terminal disease earlier this year.

As per the RTI filed by Gupta, as many as 712 members of staff (teaching and non-teaching) were hired from the year 2012 to 2016. The claims were confirmed by the salaries of these staff members. Another RTI which was a file with the secondary education department disclosed that only 378 people were hired.

"I am convinced that education officials are trying to cover up the scam and hence have either destroyed or misplaced personnel files. Now with the inquiry being ordered, at least the government machinery has started to move. They will have to bring everything on record now," said Gupta.

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