Nagpur Surgeon Creates History By Successfully Reconstructing Trachea!

The surgery took 13 hours to end and was performed in four different stages.

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In a first of its kind surgery performed in India, a team of doctors in city’s Meditrina Hospital has successfully restored speech of a patient by implanting trachea reconstructed from the body part of the patient himself.

The surgery took 13 hours to end and was performed in four different stages. The patient is said to be healthy and fine now.

Girish, a resident from Nagpur, had met with a road accident in May 2015. He was in a critical condition after sustaining polytrauma. He required long-term intubation, tracheostomy, and ventilatory support. After recovering from the injuries he developed tracheal stenosis.

Tracheal stenosis is narrowing of the trachea that causes breathing problems and loss of speech.

Girish visited a number of medical centers in India seeking treatment but had to face disappointment, every time. When he came to Meditrina Institute of Medical Sciences where he met Dr. Sameer Paltewar, a well-known neurosurgeon. Dr. Paltewar discussed the case with his team and it was decided to reconstruct his trachea by performing staged surgeries.

“Such extensive reconstructive surgeries of trachea are one of its kind and probably one of the first in India,” Dr Paltewar told The Hitavada.

Well, Girish responded to the treatment and got his speech back.  

Truly, an amazing work by Dr. Paltewar and his team!

Information source: thehitavada

Title image: nagpurtoday,meditrinainstitute

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