Nagpur’s Shri Datta Meghe Polytechnic (SDMP) And KDK’s NPN To Close Down Permanently

“It will be a phased closure wherein new admissions stop but the enrolled students pass out,” a senior official at the DTE said.

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Two top city-based private polytechnic colleges viz. Shri Datta Meghe Polytechnic (SDMP) and KDK’s Nagpur Polytechnic in Nandanvan (NPN) are closing shutters after a glorious stint for nearly 40 years. Both these colleges, which were the most sought after options during its peak years, are shutting down because of the lack of admissions.

SDMP and NPN have filed applications to call in closure of their institutes as no takers have left them high and dry financially to operate any further. At their glorious years, both these colleges went on to be an inspiration for setting up of many private polytechnic colleges in Nagpur as well as Vidarbha.

Instituted in year 1983, SDMP saw as many as 700 students making a beehive to take admission during its peak years. While speaking to ToI, the institute’s trustee Sagar Meghe said, “Last year, we could barely fill 100 hundred seats out of the 600-odd capacity that we have. This has been happening for quite a few years and now it has come to a point where cannot continue to operate anymore.”

NPN, too, is undergoing a similar situation of having barely any takers of seats. Principal of the college, Vinay Babar said, “Across Maharashtra, we have a scenario where thousands of seats have no takers. Private polytechnic colleges have been witnessing this trend for a long time but it’s getting progressively bad. We too can’t keep going forward anymore and hence, have decided to put in the application for closure.”

When ToI contacted the Directorate of Technical Education (DTE), a senior official on the condition of anonymity confirmed that applications for closure of both these colleges have, in fact, been filed. “The decision is pending. Even if permission is granted, it will be a phased closure wherein new admissions stop but the enrolled students pass out as per schedule,” the official revealed.

Meghe cited a drop in popularity for these courses as one of the major reasons for lesser admissions year after year.  “Students are obviously questioning the need for a diploma when they see degree holders being unemployed. So, spending three years in a diploma course with no good job prospect at the end is definitely playing on their mind,” said Meghe.

Whereas NPN believes it is the unfair exam evaluation policy which the polytechnic students have to bear the brunt of that makes them opt out for this course. Babar said, “In Std XII and engineering course, they allow students to club their theory and practical marks to move on to the next class. But polytechnic students have to pass both exams separately which many are unable to do.”

He further said that colleges like Government Polytechnic Nagpur (GPN) get the cream crowd, thus leaving the other colleges in a distressed plight. “We get students who have scored anywhere between 35-55% in SSC and are unable to cope with the curriculum. They fail and ultimately drop out. This message spreads across their neighbourhood and the impression people get is that there is no point in taking admission in polytechnic because no one is able to pass the exam,” he added.

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