Nagpur’s 11 Year Old Akhilesh Has The Same IQ As Albert Einstein

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Nagpur’s Akhilesh Chandorkar is declared among the top two percent most intelligent people in the world by Mensa, an exclusive international society in the UK for people with unique and exceptionally highest IQ scores. While Akhilesh was on vacation in Scotland, he took the test in June this year and got score of 160 which is the same level of IQ of great and intelligent people like Albert Einstein and Stephen Hawking.

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Just last week the proud parents found that he may be among the smartest people of the World. People around him always knew that he is a brilliant and smart chap, including his teachers and proud father Rutwik Chandorkar. When asked about Akhilesh, his father replied that “He was always an exceptional. When he was in first standard, he would sit in class with third and fourth standard students for English and math. His teachers always told us he’s a brilliant chap.”

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Akhilesh is a Harry Potter fan and is a student of Jain International School. He wants to become a space scientist and an astronaut. While he likes the attention he gets now he claims that it is exhausting and all his friends now ask him for solutions every time they get stuck somewhere in their studies.

Akhilesh Chandorkar is not only declared intelligent by Mensa, he has also received an invitation from Mensa to join their prestigious society and is a proud thing for the people around him.

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