Nagpur Rail Cops Are Holding Rats Responsible For 25 Kg Missing Marijuana

25 kg of seized marijuana and a large quantity of liquor have been found missing from the godown in Nagpur.

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Well, it may sound a little like a cloud cuckoo land, where impossible things can happen, but apparently, in Nagpur, 25 kg of seized Marijuana have been consumed by rats. At least that’s what the Nagpur Government Railway Police are claiming!

According to the reports stated by The Mumbai Mirror, around 25 kg of seized Marijuana and a large quantity of liquor from around 25 bottles have been found missing from the godown in Nagpur in which it was all stored.

While speaking to The Mumbai Mirror, senior inspector Abhay Panhekar, Nagpur GRP said, “the seized commodities were measured five years ago. It would be difficult for us to confirm if there has been any pilferage.”

“We do not have proper storage facilities for seized items, and we are at times forced to keep the drug on the floor, and maybe some rats could have been damaging the pouches in which the marijuana is kept”, he added.

Panhekar further added that the rats could also be responsible for the plastic liquor bottles, too. He claimed that the rats may have damaged the liquor bottles causing the spirit to evaporate.

Meanwhile, the superintendent of police, Sabherao Patil, GRP Nagpur, said that a new store-room was being built for seized items. “We will also be installing a CCTV in the store room,” Patil added.

Information source: mumbaimirror

Title image: huffingtonpost

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