Nagpur PWD Plans To Make Ring Roads Green By Median Plantation

PWD will ask consultants to suggest plant species suitable for road dividers.

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In a major step of making ring roads green, the state Public Work Department (PWD) pushed a proposal to plant median saplings in the 40 kilometers stretch after consulting an expert.

For watering the plants, the department is also planning to use treated sewage water.

The median plants need extra maintenance as the plants will be directly exposed to air pollution continuously.

 According to a report published in TOI, last year PWD's project of the median plantation project taken up from Hingna T-Point to Mangalmurti Square failed miserably as many of the palm trees and shrubs that were planted could not survive.

Learning from the past, this time the department is planning to take the help from horticulture consultant.

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"We have reviewed the plantations at Hingna T-Point and to ensure good survival rate at the entire ring road stretch, we will take external help from experts," Times of India quoted PWD chief engineer of Nagpur circle Ulhas Debadwar.

Talking about the treated sewage and continuous water supply which is needed for the survival of plants Debadwar added, “Nagpur witnesses extreme temperature variations and a good force of water especially in summers is a must. For this, we will explore the option of pumping out sewage from nullahs which are along the ring road and treat the water by installing small sewage treatment plants (STPs). Not just ornamental, we will also go for plants that are ecologically important. We will ask the consultant to prepare an estimate for plantations and its maintenance”.

PWD will also float tenders for agencies to hire for plantations as well as to maintain them for a period of five years.

Green Vigil foundation, a non-government organization (NGO) has welcomed the decision but with some caution.

"Appointing an agency is a good option because the Nagpur Municipal Corporation (NMC) is already staff-crunched. Past records show that private agencies failed in maintaining the plantations. PWD should have strict terms and conditions and in case the plantations don't survive, the compensation should be taken from the agency," said Green Vigil’s activist Shrikant Deshpande.

Information Source: TOI

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