Food, Traffic And Silly Generalizations: Problems Every Nagpurkar Faces Whilst Living In Pune

A compiled list of third world problems every Nagpurkar faces whilst living in Pune.

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For the starters, I was born and brought up in Nagpur. But, it was the city of Pune where I spent the most crucial years of my student life. Having lived in Pune for over a couple of years now, I just don't get various generalizations, we migrated Nagpurkars have to face in Pune.

Nagpur is often referred to as Pune's lame stepsister. And that's somewhat true! Pune has everything. From jobs, money to roads with potholes, traffic, you'll get it all.

But what as a Nagpurkar we miss the most in Pune is that homely feeling. Even though Pune has so many Starbucks outlets, we still crave for the chai served at Laxmi Nagar's tapri. We'll opt for Keshav's tarri poha over your misal pav, any given day!  

Well, food is not the only problem we Nagpurkars face whilst living in Pune. There are other third world problems which we have to go through. Here are some of them:

1) Haaaooo Na Be!

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Dear Punekars, every time we say 'Hao Na', don't give us those stern judgmental looks as if we cursed someone. You ain't any Grammar Nazi, bruh! 

2) Sambhar-Pohe, like really?!

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We all know that Punekars have a weird taste in food, but putting Sambhar over Poha is just some another level! Also, they should stop adding sugar to every freaking food item. Why don't they just borrow Saoji Masala from us, instead! And please serve us something like Tarri-Poha. 

3) I asked for Pani Puri and not Pili Daal Puri!

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Nagpur's Pani Puri adds spice to your taste buds to the T and Pune's Pani Puri does quite the opposite! Who on earth adds yellow lentil soup to the puri and ruins an iconic dish?!

4) Public transport sucks, big time!

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Thanks to the complicated one ways, one just can't drive on Pune roads. The traffic problem is bad and it's not cool to drive on footpaths. The city buses don't have connectivity. And there's no metro. Nagpur has one, though! Umm..almost!

Moreover, the international Airport in Nagpur is 5 times better than the Lohgaon Airport. Well, at least we don't share it with the Air Force. *wink wink*

5) Stop being the torchbearers of Marathi language!

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Honey, we can speak Marathi, pretty fluently! We are not from Bihar. Stop generalizing us. So, next time if you come across a Nagpurkar speaking fluent Marathi, don't be so shocked! Residing 700 km away can slightly change our dialect, though. Also, we speak gently and don't spew unnecessary sarcasm. 

6) At least name the places, sensibly!

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This is a universal problem faced by most of us. Bhosari, Lavale, Bibwewadi, Pimple Nilakh, Pimple Saudagar and the list goes on and on! Jagah hai ki gaali? You can do much better than this, Pune!

All said and done, we Nagpurkars have marked our territory, pretty well by building mini-Nagpur in the suburbs. You can easily spot vehicles with MH-31 board in places like Kothrud, Karve Nagar, Wakad, Baner, and Hinjawadi. But, it's not home! 

We love you, Pune! Just because you give us jobs and money. But, you ain't no home!

Source: Giphy


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