Nagpur Police Will Launch A Mobile App To Solve City's Traffic Related Issues

The app is being developed by Nagpur Police's in-house tech-team.

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The Nagpur Traffic Police will soon be launching an indigenous mobile application for the first time ever in order to make the mobilization easy for motorists and path walkers. 

For the last few months, a WhatsApp complaint number and Twitter handle are already addressing traffic-related problems of the city. 

According to the cops, this app will help in registering instant complaints in any case of haphazardly parked vehicles causing traffic jams. The app will also be useful in getting information of a towed away vehicle and finding the nearest parking spots. It will be a resourceful information provider to the motorists and commuters.

Nagpur police’s in-house tech-team is developing this app for almost all operating systems. It is expected to launch in another one or two weeks.

TOI quoted a source as saying, “The idea is to provide instant information to citizens on the go and also encourage them to be part of this citizen-police connect. The app will be comprehensive and user-friendly.”

 With the help of this app, people will get real-time notifications of the traffic updates and alternate routes they can use.

The app also shows the details of the towed away vehicles. It will also help in solving parking issues by showing nearest parking spot.

“Finding an open parking spot is a big problem in the city. Through the app, motorists will get information of the nearest paid or unpaid parking facility,” TOI quoted a source.

The app will also have some additional information like real-time traffic information emergency numbers, details of traffic offenses, penalties as well as road safety rules.

“Details about traffic offenses and penalty will come in handy when motorists are caught by traffic cops as they can refer the app before paying the fine,” informed the source.

TOI further added source as saying, “along with developing the app, the team is upgrading the department’s existing website simultaneously, which will have more or less the same features. Once the basic version of the app is launched, we will update it regularly with more citizen-friendly features based on the feedback and usage”.

Information Source: TOI

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