Beware! Nagpur Police Is Keeping A Close Tab On Cyber Stalkers In The City

The real number of such cases would be much higher because mostly girls hesitate to lodge a complaint with cops.

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India is a diverse country, but we are bonded together by Bollywood. Over the years, with its songs and scenes, Bollywood has pretty much normalised stalking.

In a normal scenario, film hero forces his unwanted attention on the heroine. Funnily, he ends up with the girl, sending an outrageous message to the public that woman's NO means YES.

Bollywood evidently has a strong connection with stalking.  Be it SRK's Darr or Dhanush's Raanjhana, you gotta chase the girl until she gives in.

22 years ago, public internet access was launched in India, with the glorified purpose of empowering communication. Yes, the internet changed lives in many ways. From bulky desktops to now our smartphones, it surely has brought us closer. Creepily closer, maybe!

In the 21st century, along with traditional stalking, virtual stalking too has reached another level. 

When it comes to the virtual world, stalking is magnifying twofold; because these stalkers can get away easily. They remain anonymous behind the veil of internet. It is safer and easier than live stalking.  

So what constitutes cyber bullying in the legal sense? 

1) Publishing any obscene information which is grossly offensive, causing annoyance, danger, insult or implying violence.

2) Communicating pornographic photos, obnoxious text messages, outraging privacy.

A cyber-stalker is just as potentially dangerous to the victim as a live stalker would be. 

Forms of harassment can vary widely from trolling, persistent shaming and to outright sexual threats. Cybercrime can disrupt victim's personal and social life.

According to google analytics, women are far more likely to be the victims of stalking than men. 

Speaking of the reported cases of cyber crimes in Nagpur, Vishal Mane of city cyber crime cell cites one horrid report where the victim used to upload lots of selfies on Instagram. As her profile was public, she received a personal message wherein an unknown user morphed her photos and linked it to an Indian porn site.

In an exclusive conversation with Reacho, IPO Vishal Mane adds that more than 60 cases of cyber harassment are reported to the city's cyber cell, every month. 

The real number of such cases would be much higher because mostly girls hesitate to lodge a complaint with cops. He urges girls to report any such cases to the cyber cell as soon as possible. 

Cyber law expert Anita Bajaj suggests citizens should filter their online activities, for example: avoid sharing personal IDs to unknown sources, securing profiles with privacy settings, using secured servers. 

How to approach cyber cell Nagpur?

1) Nagpur Crime Branch,

Admin Building No.1, 4th floor

Civil Lines, Nagpur.

Contact-  +91-712-2566766  , Mob-7875478780

2)Bharosa Cell Nagpur, a special cell for women,

Contact no- 0712-2233638,

Mobile No. 8055472422.

With the recent amendments to the IT Act, it's high time that the cyber-stalkers STOP what they are doing! 

information source: timesofindia

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