Nagpur's Oxford Speaker's Academy Organizes 'Orator Of The Year - 2017'

The event which was held on 3rd February 2018 at Amrut Bhawan, had as many as 300 students attend it.

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City’s leading English speaking & personality development, Dr. Sanjay C. Raghatate’s Oxford Speaker’ Academy organized their annual event ‘Orator of the year – 2017’ on Saturday. The event which happens at the end of every academic year is one of the most anticipated events amongst the students.

Held on 3rd February 2018 at Amrut Bhawan, the event saw as many as 300 students attend the esteemed event. Vinay Hirani won the namesake title and was presented with a badge, sash, trophy and a certificate.

Oxford Speakers’ Academy has in the past organized many such events that help shape students’ personality and honing the skills that are needed to in today’s times.

The topic of the elocution was ‘The Meaning of Limit’ and the time limit was 5 minutes. Around 16 participants were seen contesting before the audience to win the title with their on-point oratory skills. These participants are the winners of a monthly elocution competition who now competed in the annual event to win the title for the year.

Presiding as the chief guests for the event, were: Hon. Vinod Kumar Agrawal, Joint Director NADT, Hon. Chandu Patil Marakwar, Sarpanch (Rajghad) & Social activist and Mrs. Neha S. Raghatate.

Priyanka S. Jaiswal, Archana S. Patil, Rajendra Wadibhasme, Mohd. Israil, Vijay Rajput, Shailesh Deshpande, Vivek Murarka and Ved Prakash Kumar were the judges of the contest who factored the judgment on the basis of subject matter, body language and presentation.

The event ended with a vote of thanks presented by Executive Director Dr. Sanjay C. Raghatate.

Here is a glimpse of the event:

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