This Robotics Centre Is Pioneering In Making Robotics Education A Mainstream In Nagpur

'NeoRobos Young Einstein' conducts regular classes, workshops and summer camps that focus on Robotics in STEM.

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After being fascinated by watching robots on television over the years, it is now the stories of young children and even the older ones who are creating their own bots from scrap or bare minimum that is regaling us. Science and technology keeps getting intriguing as it gets upgraded. And robots at that have captivated our attention ever since it arrived to stay. Earlier, the robots were in abundance yet limited to working in industry floors, assembly lines, etc. with the sole purpose of getting work done. But with humanoids entering the space, the ball game now has a new turf to push one’s limit of imagination. To add to this exciting and dynamic avenue is the introduction of artificial intelligence. Continuous research, development and advancement in AI are carving a pathway for robots and robotics to become accessible and a part of our day-to-day lives.

What is Robotics in STEM and why is there a need to teach robotics in early education?

Technology is taking over full throttle and is introducing new and exciting stuff every now and then. It is only prudent that we keep ourselves updated with the advancements and start inculcating robotics education in children in their formative years of their lives. Teaching young children robotics infuses and develops scientific temperament in them. This is where ‘Robotics in STEM’ comes into picture. STEM denotes Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics. Today, almost every job is backed by STEM and the future too, will be based on the same. Robotics enables easier, engaging and effective teaching of subjects’ viz. mathematics and science. It also brings about hands-on learning experience which enhances the creative side of the student and cultivates innovative thinking.

Robotics enables the children to understand the concepts on STEM visually. It also builds their problem-solving and thinking abilities. Learning robotics serve as the building blocks for the children who would wants to further their education in this field.

NeoRobos Young Einstein : Nagpur – The only dedicated robotics centre for children in Central India.

As we have spoken about the dire need of ‘Robotics’ subject in the curriculum of students, we are also faced with the unfortunate reality of not many schools in Nagpur having this subject even on the introductory basis. One can see reasons such as lack of awareness of the subject and its importance, zero knowledge of implementation of the modules available or even the unenthusiastic approach for introducing a dynamic subject in schools, to be prevalent for so.  

NeoRobos Young Einstein – Central India’s one and only dedicated robotics centre – bridges this gap by conducting regular classes, workshops and summer camps that focus largely on Robotics in STEM. Its rationale of bringing about robotics in education is well-founded, researched and implemented from a base level. At NeoRobos Young Einstein, students are introduced and trained on building a robot which involves inference drawing, model construction, testing and controlling a robot calls for the ability to give precise inputs. They even engage kids from Nursery to KG2 through their theme-based learning which is connected to the real life experiences, thus enhancing their imagination skills and building skills. Overall, they have a curriculum for children from nursery to 12th grade.

It banks upon the students’ quest to learn an out-of-the-box yet necessary subject and teaches them through creative activities that can be easily taught and learned. NeoRobos Young Einstein adopt the latest skills and knowledge to pass it down to the students at their centre. This is breaking new ground for widespread of robotics as a subject in the city.

The centre even readies the students for robotics competitions and championships.

NeoRobos Young Einstein helps boosts the following areas which eventually shapes your child’s scientific temperament -

1) Creative thinking

Studies have shown that robotics achieves incorporating creativity and fun together. At NeoRobos Young Einstein, students are highly engrossed in activities where they can exercise full control – which is possible with Lego and robotics.

2) Child Engagement

Activities have been designed to uphold utmost concentration and attention levels in the child. This makes the child want to continue with more such lessons, thus proceeding towards mastery.

3) Preparedness

The children who enroll are exposed to technology and advanced technologies such as circuit boards, programming on Scratch, M. Bot, working on Aurduino and programming using python, etc. is fascinating to see at such an early age. This prepares the child for technological changes way before his/her peers.

3) Programming skills

Artificial intelligence is predominantly becoming a part of our homes, schools, and offices. Basic programming knowledge will help your children understand how some of the stuff at all these essential spaces work.

4) Perseverance

Science is challenging. And when it comes to robotics, the challenge goes a notch higher and interesting. Students who undergo robotics education develop a never-give-up attitude. This builds a sense of determination, dedication and perseverance which is a must while dealing in technology.

5) Teamwork

Building technology together only leads to a greater good. Students are grouped and handed assignments which are guided by the experts at the centre. This helps children understand that teamwork is a vital part for working on any project. It also teaches them valuable life skills in teamwork, communication and even community participation.

6) Fun

Learning about robotics is sheer fun. Improvement, especially when graphically onwards, is a rewarding experience and makes the children want to push their limits a level higher.

Who wouldn’t love to have their children do something cool especially at young age and make the elders proud! And what better than an opportunity to dabble and master in a subject that holds the key to almost everything in the future? If your answer to these two question is ‘Yes’, then head over to the ‘NeoRobos Young Einstein’ and enroll your child to evolve along with technology.

Regular batches starting soon! Register your kids today.

For further details, call on – 9923333901, 9644422299 or reach out to them on Facebook and Instagram.

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