Nagpur's Nag River Bridge Cost Doubled Due To Wrong Design

Standing committee gave a nod to various proposals including Nag River bridge project.

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A wrong design has doubled the cost of Nagpur Municipal Corporation (NMC) bridge on Nag River which connects Sardar Patel Square to Mokshadham.

The cost of the bridge which was estimated to be Rs 5,74,95,079 has been increased to Rs 10,23,67,884.

Chairman Sandip Jadhav conducted a standing committee meeting on Thursday. The revised proposal of the project, which was submitted by the NMC's public works department, was given a nod.

In 2014, NMC issued the work order to a private contractor with the newly approved design of a single span. After realizing that the bridge will not hold much strength during the floods with a single span, the NMC roped in VNIT to prepare a new drawing of the bridge.

The educational institute later submitted a hydraulic design and suggested it be constructed with two spans. Later, the officials explained the relevant suggestion along with the opinion of chief engineer Ulhas Debadwar, to increase the height of the bridge along with its width.

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As many as 28 proposals have been submitted by the civil administration to the standing committee.The committee even cleared the civic administration's proposal, reducing the penalty amount from  Rs. 1,000- Rs. 7,000 to Rs. 500- Rs. 5000. The penalty is levied on hawkers/ shopkeepers who encroach public properties such as roads, footpaths while selling their products.

The panel also approved the department’s suggestion to increase the fine amount of illegal hoardings from Rs. 100 to Rs. 200.

Other proposals which got a positive response from the committee include procurement of birth and death certificates for three years at a cost of Rs. 2.01 crores, beautification of Naik Talav at Rs. 74.99 lakhs, development of crematorium at Hudkeshwar at Rs. 1.10 crores etc.

Information Source: TOI

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