Nagpur’s Muslim Women To Come Out On The Streets Against Triple Talaq Bill

Last year, a large number of Muslim women took out a peace rally against the government.

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Making a strong move against the Triple Talaq bill, the Muslim women are all set to take out a rally on March 20.

Two days ago, the All India Muslim Personal Law Board (AIMPLB) took out a rally in which As many as 70,000 women, all wearing hijab (veil), came out on the streets to protest against the bill. 

Now, the AIMPLB is expecting a much higher number of women attending the rally in Nagpur.

TOI quoted Javed Ansari convener of the event as saying, “The objective shows that Muslim women are satisfied with the Sharia law and do not want any interference in the matter.”

Ansari also informed that these kinds of rallies will be organized in several other cities across the country.

Ansari questioned the government’s intervention by claiming that the Islamic law has its own procedures for divorce.

However, supporting the BJP government’s law on triple talaq, the RSS backed Muslim Rashtriya Manch (MRM) has announced a pension of Rs 500 per month for the divorced Muslim women.

According to the reports, Mohammed Farooq, state chief of MRM informed that the scheme was announced in February this year, and is expected to launch in the city by April.

The pension plan will be raised from private sources and would be extended to other parts of Maharashtra as well.

The senior functionary of MRM, Virag Pachpore informed the media that the scheme is not a reaction to the rallies by AIMPLB. However, they have started the scheme on a primary basis in cities like Varanasi, Lucknow, Indore, and Ranchi, covering 100 women.

“It was found that maintenance granted to divorced women under present circumstances ranges up to Rs 250 a month. Under the pension plan, the amount has been doubled. The scheme is totally funded by private contribution," said Pachpore. 

Information source:  TOI

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