Nagpur Municipal Corporation Will Not Collect Unsegregated Garbage From Bulk Garbage Generators

Warning! Segregate garbage or NMC will leave it in front of your doorsteps

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Under the strict direction of the state government, the Nagpur Municipal Corporation is ensuring 80% garbage segregation and recycle by April-end in order to get a prominent position in Swachh Survekshan 2018.

NMC has decided not to collect any non-segregated garbage from bulk waste generators. This rule will be soon be implemented in the city. 

Waste management and segregation are two of the most important parameters under Swachh Survekshan.

Working on the state’s notification, Municipal commissioner Ashwin Mudgal along with officials of the health department and assistant commissioners of all zones took a review meeting to discuss the status of its segregation drive.

“The norm of compulsory garbage segregation will be applicable on those generating over 100kg garbage in a day. NMC had sent letters to all the bulk generators in July and notices in August 2017 in this regard. In order to promote garbage segregation, the NMC had also kept separate dustbins in commercial/market areas," TOI quoted Mudgal. 

"Process to procure dustbins for households is in the final stages. The general body had passed a resolution to distribute dustbins free of cost and the High Court too had passed an order in this regard. We will take legal opinion on whether to charge citizens for providing dustbins. We are urging citizens to get their own dustbins and start garbage segregation. We will first provide all the facilities regarding garbage segregation and then think about making it compulsory for all," he added.

According to an official, the second notice was issued to NMC about 15 days ago.

As reported earlier, NMC was supposed to distribute 11 lakh dustbins to the citizens from which only 10,000 were given.

Till now, the NMC was concentrating only on dry and wet waste. But now,  the government has also introduced an additional third category viz. domestic hazardous waste.

According to the notification of April 29, 2018, the government directed NMC to store wet garbage in the green colored dustbin, dry in blue and domestic hazardous waste in red.

Information Source: TOI

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