Nagpur Municipal Corporation To Divert The Women Only Bus Fund To Buy Electric Buses

Apparently, this move is actually a sort of a solution to another problem that the NMC transport department is facing.

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The government announces schemes and allocates a certain budget for them to be implemented properly and yet welfare schemes are not implemented properly due to lack of funds. Strange right?

So many schemes are not or cannot be executed because of either lack of funds or because the funds allocated to a particular scheme are diverted to another scheme. Something similar happened in Nagpur. The money that was allocated to the NMC for women only buses, is being diverted to procure more electric buses.

Around the same time last year, the state government had approved the proposal for a women-only Tejaswini bus, to make commuting safer for working women. In the last fiscal year, the government had given a nod to plying 300 women only buses across the state and had allocated 50 crores for the project. Of the allocated 50 crores, NMC received 9.6 crores for 30 buses.

But now, the NMC transport department has changed its mind and decided that it is a good idea to divert the money received for Tejaswini buses to procure more electric buses. Yes, who cares about women’s safety when you can buy electric buses, right? The proposal will be presented to the transport committee on 19th January.

This is exactly how so many schemes never the light of the day.

Apparently, this move is actually a sort of a solution to another problem that the NMC transport department is facing. According to a senior official, NMC currently lacks funds to run diesel buses and is facing a loss of 6 crores every month. So now, if the civic body procures more electric buses, there are chances that the losses might increase.  

According to sources, the decision to divert Tejaswini bus funds to buy diesel buses can prove to be a major setback for female commuters in the city. Also, this is not the first time that something like this has happened. Earlier too, NMC had promised to start a women-only bus service, but no good came out of it.

Bunty Kukde, the transport committee chairman, however, has said that the electric buses procured under the Tejaswini fund will be utilized for the women-only service.

But we never know where and how that fund will be used, given the fact that the scheme was announced way back in May 2016.

Information source: timesofindia

Cover image source: indianexpress

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