Nagpur Municipal Corporation Is All Set To Build Third Sewage Treatment Plant!

NMC is planning to either make a third STP or augment the capacity of the second one.

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The Nagpur Municipal Corporation (NMC) is planning to build a sewage treatment plant (STP). One STP with a capacity of 130 million liters per day (MLD) is currently in function. While another 200 MLD will be commissioned soon.

However, sewage is still flowing in Nag River and NMC is planning to either make a third STP or augment the capacity of the second one.

According to a source’s information to Times of India, “The state government had already made it clear that National Thermal Power Corporation (NTPC) will not be given much raw water from Gosikhurd for its 2,320MW Mouda plant. Some operations of the thermal plant have to be done by using raw water but tertiary treated wastewater can be used for most operations. We expect NTPC to approach us soon.”

A 130 MLD STP had been constructed by NMC and Mahagenco at Bhandewadi.

Mahagenco and NMC had an agreement that grants the sale of another 150 MLD from the 200 MLD under construction STP. Although, the 50 MLD treated water has remained unsold.

“Even when both the STPs become functional, Nag river still would have 100 MLD untreated sewage. If zero pollution load is to be achieved another 100 MLD plant will have to set up. NMC will first ask the concessionaire for the 200 MLD STP to augment the capacity of its plant by another 100 MLD. “We will ask it to be done at 2014 prices. If he agrees, it will be great otherwise we will go in for the tender process. This will, however, delay the project by a year,” TOI further quoted the source.

Talking about the NTPC which was approached by the NMC to sale the water from the 200 MLD plant, the official said, “However, unlike Mahagenco, the central entity refused to bear the cost of the STP. Moreover, Koradi is not very far from Bhandewadi. But Mouda is 35km from the STP. NTPC was, therefore, reluctant to use treated water. However, now chief minister Devendra Fadnavis and state energy minister Chandrashekhar Bawankule have told the central entity in no uncertain terms that it will have buy water from NMC. We expect them to approach us very soon”.

If the STP is constructed for NTPC, then NMC which is currently getting Rs 15 crore from Mahagenco will get around Rs 50 crore every year.

Information Source: TOI

Title Image: Hitavada

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