Nagpur’s Mundle English School Embraces Green Energy With Solar Power Unit

The school is now planning to install a 50 kiloWatt system so that the entire premises will be run on solar energy.

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In order to do their bit for the environment, Mundle English School has installed a solar power unit on its terrace. The unit was inaugurated by Municipal Commissioner Ashwin Mudgal on Friday.

Speaking after the inauguration Mudgal said that the efforts of the school to make it self-suffiicient in electricity and save on expenses are laudable, and exhorted other institutions to follow suit.

Municipal Commissioner Ashwin Mudgal during the inauguration. timesofindia

Makarand Pandharipande, Executive Chairman of the school said that the 14 kilowatt solar power system installed on the terrace of the building, along with the inverter and solar plates, cost Rs 14 lakh.

"Currently, we are running the school without purchasing electricity from MSEDCL. Earlier, we used to pay at least Rs1 lakh every month on power bills. Funds thus saved can now be used for the welfare of students and undertaking various activities," he quoted.

The school is now planning to install a 50-kilowatt system so that the entire campus will be run on solar energy.

The unit was installed by Solrun Energy Pvt Ltd under the guidance of its directors, Shubhankar Moharir and Aniruddha Khode.

Many schools and colleges are looking forward to using this kind of technology since it has low maintenance cost and a lifespan of at least 25 years, saving a lot of energy in the process.

Information source: timesofindia

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