Nagpur-Mumbai Super Expressway Project To Reduce Travel Time To from 18 to 8 Hours

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Maharashtra Chief Minister Devendra Fadnavis has revealed plans to construct super expressway joining the two most important cities in the state. The super expressway will cover a distance of 750 km and will pass through 10 districts, all the while reducing the time to travel between Nagpur and Mumbai from 18 hrs to 8 hrs.

This first of its kind project will give a boost to the state’s economy as it is set to create about 2 million jobs as well as bring greater connectivity in the state. Fadnavis has been cited as saying that this project will take Maharashtra about 20 years ahead of the other states, when it is completed in 2019.

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As of date, India has just above 1000 km of expressways, currently the highest standard of roads, connecting major cities. Expressways covering 18,000 km are expected to be completed till 2022, and projects like the super expressways have been planned to extend the connectivity further.

The Nagpur-Mumbai Super Expressway project will cost around Rs 46,000 crore, with about 80 pc of it planned through various national and international institutions like the Asian Development Bank. It will have facilities like CCTV cameras, trauma centres, electronic toll points, two service lanes of service roads etc along the six-lane road.

The 9000-hectare land required for this project is reportedly coming through land-pooling, which already has seen some great success in state like Andhra Pradesh.

CM has appealed to all the stakeholders to come forward and support this project, which, if all goes according to the plan, begins work on October 31.

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News Entertainment Food Travel World Events Nagpur Pune Reacho

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