Nagpur Metro Will Run At 25 kmph In Its Initial Phase

MahaMetro is planning to commence the commercial run on North-South corridor in the first phase.

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The speed limit of Nagpur metro has been restricted to 25 kilometres per hour at 5.05km of the grade priority section between Khapri station and Airport South station on North-South corridor.

The speed limit has been restricted due to the lack of requisite signalling systems. Usually, the average speed of the metro rail elsewhere in the country is 80kmph, making Nagpur Metro the slowest in the country!

MahaMetro is planning to commence its commercial run on the North-South corridor in the first phase. L&T Metro Rail Hyderabad Limited (LTMRHL) provided six rolling stock/cars on rental basis for trial and commercial run to MahaMetro.

Ministry of Railway’s Research Designs and Standards Organization (RDSO) and Commissioner of Metro Railway Safety (CMRS) will also inspect the stretch when the commercial run will begin.

Source: Metro

According to the reports which was obtained after activist TH Naidu filed an RTI, a provisional speed limit certificate was issued by the RDSO on December 1 last year. The report mentioned that the Metro’s speed for at-grade section has been restricted at 25 kmph.

Taking a root on its inspection on January 16, CMRS issued a detailed note where it also restricted Metro Rail’s speed at 25 kmph.

“Trains will be operated in safety cut out switch (SCS) mode. Communications based train control (CBTC) and automatic train protection (ATP) have been not planned for commissioning of priority section. Also, signalling automatic train control (ATC) system is unavailable. Therefore, no other mode of operation — ATP, automatic train operation (ATO) and auto turn back (ATB)— will be functional," reported TOI.

“In SCS cut out mode, the train shall be operated by train operator in accordance with lineside signals and on radio verbal instructions from the traffic controller,” The report added

Although the LTMRHL’s six cars two sets with three in each — are designed for a speed of 90 kmph and in Hyderabad RDSO and CMRS certified these cars for 80 kmph run.

“We consider it as a trial run. Therefore, 25 kmph is sufficient. We are hopeful of getting full certification after completing the project,” an official told TOI.

The official also mentioned that all types of signalling and control systems will be installed on at grade before all the commercial operations start and the remaining parts of two corridors will also be fixed.

However, RTI activist Nidu feels MahaMetro is in a hurry, “Almost all Metro Rails have started commercial operation for benefit of public. Who and how many will benefit on stretch between Khapri and Airport South station? Metro Rail on at grade stretch will end up only as a joyride, so why is MahaMetro in a hurry that too without requisite Metro Rail standard signalling and control systems?" he told TOI..

The Metro rail runs and stops through automatic operations under surveillance and supervision of an operator. However, Delhi Metro Rail is probably the one to operate without any operator. In the case of MahaMeto, due to lack of automatic signalling and control systems the cars will run manually.


Information Source: TOI

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