Nagpur Metro Begins Work On Reach 4 And Zero Mile Heritage Walk!

The stretch of Reach 4 begins from Sitabuldi Interchange to Prajapati Nagar.

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With the kind of progress, Nagpur Metro is making, it seems like days of long wait for any new project to implement and commence are gone.

In December 2016, development of the Zero Mile area kicked off with the announcement of the Heritage Walk project. The historic walk would be 400 meters long and will start from Zero Mile Metro Station. The stretch will lead its way to the Welcome Plaza and will enthrall the visitors with an exclusive exhibition Gallery which is to be set up at the station entrance. The station will also be equipped with a Tourist Information Centre in the vicinity. 

Visitors will be able to enjoy the beautiful, well-designed walkway as they enter from the Welcome Plaza. The wide landscaped stretch would lead to the Celebration Plaza. The visitors can either turn left towards the Old British Resident Lodge or walk straight along the Wall of History starting from Shahid Smarak.

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In another breakthrough development, the Nagpur Metro announced the commencement of Reach 4 from Sitabuldi Interchange to Prajapati Nagar.

The details are as follows:

Reach-4 Sitabuldi Interchange to Prajapati Nagar Corridor

Total Length: 8.280Km.

Stations : 09

Progress Updates Including MSRDC :

Scope/GFC Drawing/Cumulative progress/month/day

Piling :- 1210/452/263 (242+5 test pile + 16 anchor piles) /59 (59+ 00 anchorpiles+00 testpile) /04

Pile cap :- 260/39/11/04/00

Segment :- 2824/708/08/05/01

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