Nagpur Metro Develops ‘Little Wood’ In the City On The Eve Of World Environment Day

Nagpur Metro is giving Nagpurkars a total of 5496 trees, which is five times more than the mandatory requirement!

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If you are seeking to just keep calm and take a break, ‘Little Wood’ developed by Nagpur Metro should be your go-to place. Away from the irritating horns, traffic and pollution, the place is located near Hingna Road, just a 5 km drive from Ambazari.

Brijesh Dixit, MD, Maharashtra Metro told a leading media house,

“We have taken this as a mission, we are not doing it as a formality.” “Which city can boast of two forests right within the city? We want to not just conserve but increase Nagpur’s forest cover. This project of ours ‘little wood’ will be our gift to people of Nagpur -once the trees are mature and able to survive on their own, we will hand it over to people of the neighborhood to further nurture and preserve. We want them to take ‘ownership’ of this beautiful place which is being created for them."

This place is a paradise for an avid bird watcher as it is the home to 31 different species of birds. You can spot the Great Cormorant, the Open-billed Stork, the Grey Herons, Spotted Owlet, lush green parrots, Large Egrets, Lesser Whistling Duck, the Indian Courser and many others.

And if you're really can also see Peacocks (who are not shedding their tears!!) Thanks to monsoons.

Also, you can enjoy a good nature’s walk with 38 varieties of trees, which are still young yet beautiful. There are 208 Amaltas (fire of forest) trees, 124 Mahagoni, 133 Wad, 243 Neem, 407 Gulmohar, 276 Jamun, 94 Mango, 90 Amala, 137 Singapore Cherries, 120 Bakul, 65 Jackfruit, 150 Jungle Jalebi, 248 Badam, 204 Arjun and many other kinds.

As the work on metro rail started, it required cutting down of some trees. Maharashtra Metro was obliged to do the mandatory tree plantation. Also, the maximum number of trees that may be cut down is 330 and they were instructed to plant 3 times more, which came down to 900 new trees in this case.

However, Metro is giving Nagpurkars a total of 5496 trees which is five times more than required!

Well done Nagpur Metro Rail Corporation! Incredible!

The area given for plantation was 30 Hectares, of which area under plantation is 24 Hectares. The rest is used for making multiple walking paths – and all will remain strictly ‘mud’.

“No cement or tar or any artificial material will enter here!” says Dixit. “Besides, walking on such roads is better for your knees, ‘pucca’ roads play havoc with your bones!” Dixit said.

Thanks a ton to Nagpur Metro for enhancing Nagpur’s beauty. It is truly a gift for the city.

Information source: ehitavada

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