Nagpur Metro Aims At Preserving Heritage While Creating A Futuristic Station At Kasturchand Park

The design of the upcoming station will be a nod to the culturally significant buildings in and around Kasturchand Park.

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Kasturchand Park is one of Nagpur's most easily recognizable landmarks. The expansive park with the iconic bandstand is the hub of everything from high-profile events to football matches with friends, and its central location also makes it a crucial node in the Nagpur Metro network.

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Recognizing its value, Brijesh Dixit, MD, Nagpur Metro told the Times of India that the upcoming Metro station at KP would incorporate elements of the heritage site while adopting a modern design.

"The hi-tech concept of metro would be blended beautifully at the Kasturchand Park station. At the station, we will give the commuters the best of facilities. But we also realise the importance of this place, which is surrounded by stunning heritage structures, including Reserve Bank of India, Vidhan Bhavan and Kasturchand Park. There will be two entrances to the metro station and one of them facing Kasturchand Park, will have ethnic elements complementing the old-world charm and wealth of heritage in the neighbourhood."

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It is heartening to note that the Metro project is combining infrastructural efficiency with aesthetic value. The designs for different stations as released by Nagpur Metro promise to be a novel addition to the Nagpur skyline.

If these plans materialise, the beautifully designed Nagpur Metro will become a distinct attraction, rather than a dry public transport feature, in itself.

Information source: Times of India

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