Will Nagpur Metro Construction Take Away Half Of The Krazy Castle?

MahaMetro officials are thinking for an alternative to save Krazy Castle.

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Nagpur’s favourite water and amusement park opposite Ambazari embankment is in danger. Over half the land occupied by Krazy Castle is asked by Mahametro for building part of Metro corridor and parking.

The land which has been developed and operated by Haldiram Foods International Ltd belongs to Nagpur Improvement Trust. Now to shut off the park, Haldiram's has demanded a compensation of whopping Rs 162 crore.

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However, Minister Devendra Fadnavis has reportedly directed the NIT to work out such plan that will not create a problem for the park and the work for metro also proceeds, after reacting to a complaint by MLA Prakash Gajbhiye.

Even, Fadnavis is planning to hold a meeting with NIT, Mahametro officials and Haldiram representatives to work out a solution, reports TOI. 

In 2002, Haldiram had developed Krazy Castle on NIT's 6.4-acre land on BOT basis. This land near Nag river starting point has been given by NIT on a 20-year lease.

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The East-West corridor of Metro’s East-West corridor will pass through North Ambazari road to Hingna T-point via Ambazari lake and Subhash Nagar. The corridor construction has already been started at the metro station opposite Ambazari embankment. According to the plan, this corridor has to cross Subhash Nagar square and Ambazari lake T-point road and reach Subhash Nagar square via Krazy Castle.

Krazy Castle's charm will not remain the same if half of is gone. "Haldiram's lease is up to 2022. Haldiram is not ready to give half the area and has instead offered to return entire land. They have demanded Rs 162 crore compensation. NIT kept the offer before Mahametro to take over entire Krazy Castle area. NIT will adjust the compensation of Rs 162 crore in its share of Rs 434 crore in metro rail," said a NIT official in an interview to Times of India. 

He also went on to add that Krazy Castle's charm will not remain the same if half of it is gone.

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 "It is the only water-cum-amusement park within city limits. Hundreds of children along with parents enjoy here. Metro corridor can be shifted a little bit. It is being constructed downstream of Ambazari lake's embankment posing threat to the 145-year-old embankment. The sprawling land is lying vacant within VNIT adjacent to Ambazari crematorium. Corridor and Metro station can be developed on VNIT land. Any project should add to city's development and not come at the cost of existing development," added Gajbhiye.

Information Source: TOI

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