The Answer To “Nagpur Me Kya Hai?”: 12 Places To Visit In Nagpur During Monsoons

We have put together a list of monsoon destinations you can plan a trip to in Nagpur.

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Monsoon is here and Nagpur is the one place where you experience blistering heat followed by blissful rains. What’s more, there are plenty of tourist haunts in and around the second greenest city of the country, where you can make the most of this season. We have put together a list of monsoon destinations you can plan a trip to, be it for a breezy evening or the entire weekend:

1. Ambazari overflow point

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The go-to place for every water-happy soul, Ambazari lake overflows with the first downpour and is a delight whether you love to splash around or just watch with a cup of steaming chai for company!

Distance from Zero Mile: 6 km

2. Drive to Ramtek/Khindsi

If you haven’t done this already, we are inclined to doubt your Nagpuri cred! Ramtek is a place steeped in history and mythology, and the road to the Gad Mandir at Ramtek abounds in lush greenery, making it perfect for a long drive. Equally beautiful is the Khindsi lake nearby!

Distance from Zero Mile: 47 km

3. Sri Skanda Samaj temple

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Feeling religious? The Skanda Samaj temple (or Balaji Kartikeya temple) in Seminary Hills wears a serene, calming look after the rains. Visit the temple in time for the evening prayers and spend time in quiet reflection in the expansive courtyard.

Distance from Zero Mile: 5 km

4. Pravarpura (Mansar) and Nagardhan fort

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Recently identified as one of the prime archaeological sites of the country, Mansar (near Ramtek) boasts of the ruins of an ancient city of the Vakataka rulers. Also nearby is the Nagardhan fort, an 18th century construction by Raghuji Bhonsle I. Must visit for history buffs!

Distance from Zero Mile: 40 km

5. Japanese Garden

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Morning walkers are well aware of this beautiful garden in the heart of the city, in the verdant Seminary Hills area. Wake up early one rainy morning and take a stroll surrounded by Nature in all its splendour, followed by snacks at any of the kiosks just outside the garden!

Distance from Zero Mile: 3 km

6. Jamsawali

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Jamsawali on Chhindwara road is famous for its unique Hanuman temple. Also close by are low segmented waterfalls which are fuelled by rains. They are quite the spectacle during this season and worth a day-long trip!

Distance from Zero Mile: 66 km

7. VNIT campus

Source: dewansh

VNIT is not only the foremost of educational institutions in Nagpur, it is also one of the loveliest places for an evening stroll. The 225 acre-campus is a designated green zone, so there is minimum interference of automobiles, and the greenery increases manifold during the rainy season.

Distance from Zero Mile: 6 km

8. Khekranala

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The region around Nagpur city has many small hydroelectric power and irrigation projects. One such site is Khekranala, which in addition to an enormous body of water, is also blessed with forests nearby, which are perfect for a hike in the cool weather!

Distance from Zero Mile: 54 km

9. Zilpi lake

Source: tripadvisor

Situated near Mohgaon village on Hingna road, Zilpi lake is one of the less frequented places in the city, and hence free of hawkers and loiterers. The drive to the spot is an invigorating experience in itself.

Distance from Zero Mile: 28 km

10. Adasa

Source: buzzntravel

Adasa has an ancient Ganesh temple on a hillock with premises developed for picnickers. Pack a lunch, leave early, and spend time with your family or friends in this serene spot, worth a day-long trip.

Distance from Zero Mile: 38 km

11. Pench National Park

Source: wildlifelovers

Mumbai may have its sea and Pune may boast of its forts, but Nagpur has a number of wildlife sanctuaries which are a delight for all Nature-lovers. Pench National Park is one such popular destination for both flora and fauna enthusiasts. Spread over almost 750 sq kms with the Pench river cutting through, this tiger haven makes for an excellent weekend getaway from the city! Similar locations include Nagzira and Tadoba Andhari.

Distance from Zero Mile: 160 km

12. Pachmarhi

Source: wiki

Situated in Madhya Pradesh, this amazing tourist retreat is also called the Queen of the Satpura. It has waterfalls, caves, lakes and colonial-era structures which combine to give you a surreal travel experience.

Distance from Zero Mile: 260 km

So next time anybody asks “Nagpur me kya hai”, scoot them off to these lovely places! Know more rain-time destinations around the city? Share with us in the Comments below!

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