Nagpur Man Files Theft Complaint For Stolen Heart, Asks Cops To Find It!

A senior officer verified that the incident happened at one of the police stations in the city.

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When lawmakers drafted the laws and bylaws of IPC’s section 378 ‘theft’, little did they think about this Nagpur man who sent the cops in a tizzy! Nagpur police personnel were left stunned when a resident approached them with a complaint which stated that it was his heart which got stolen.

Keeping the identity of this lover boy under wraps, the police confirmed about receiving such a complaint. They stated that the boy pleaded them to find his heart back for him which was stolen by a girl. A senior officer verified that the incident happened at one of the police stations in the city.

For the police who generally deal with cases of stolen goods, this was an unusual. But instead of dismissing the person, they actually reached out to their seniors for the latter guidance over the matter.

As calm as a cucumber can be, the seniors of the reporting officials spoke to the lover boy and discussed the issue in detail. Eventually, they made the boy understand that there is no section in the Indian Penal Code that provides for filing a case when hearts are stolen.

The police officers too chimed in with their seniors and sent him back.

Nagpur Police Commissioner Bhushan Kumar Upadhyay divulged about this strange incident last week during a programme. Upadhyay recalled this incident with reference to the one where the police department returned goods worth Rs. 82 lakhs to their rightful owners.

Upadhyay joking said, "We can return stolen articles, but sometimes we also get such complaints which even we cannot solve,” while chatting up with the media.

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