Nagpur Man Brutally Kills A Stray Pup, Manhandles A Lawyer & Gets Bail Within 24 Hours!

This incident raises many questions, and it is high time we address them.

Nagpur, Puppy Brutally killed, Cruelty against animals, Accused bailed

In a shocking incident of cruelty against animals, a 30-year-old man from Nagpur was booked on Friday midnight for brutally kicking a 2-month-old pup to death.

According to eyewitnesses, the accused Abhishek Ingle repeatedly kicked the stray pup leading to its death; he apparently kicked the puppy so hard that its intestines popped out.

Karnika Pandey, the 25-year-old  lawyer was taking care of the pup since 30th September as he had an injured leg. Late on friday evening, one of the neighbours informed her that the pup was being taken away by Ingle. The Ingle family, apparently had objected the puppy’s presence in the society since the very beginning.

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“I found the pup in my locality a day before Dussehra. Since he was injured, I took him to my place and started the basic treatment. The pup was going to be put up for adoption in another two days. On Friday, the puppy went out for some time, while I was in the washroom, that is when a neighbour called to inform me that Abhishek was taking him away in a car. By the time I came out, Abhishek had already left,” said Pandey while talking to Reacho.  

"When I went to his place to ask for his contact details, his mother did not give me his telephone number, instead she talked to me in a very inappropriate manner. I tried to tell her that the pup would be adopted very soon, but she didn’t listen," she added.

To seek help, Pandey then contacted animal rights activist Aparna Modak. The activists that Modak sent to help Pandey were eyewitnesses to Ingle’s inhuman behaviour.

Around 11 pm, Dinesh Zile spotted a man kicking "something" near Vayusena Nagar.

"On seeing that the person was repeatedly following the action, I stopped the car and turned back. But the person, who I later identified as Ingle, fled. The object he was kicking was a pup which was dead and lying dismembered," said the activist who was on his way to Ingle's society.

In the meanwhile, Ingle, who was back in the society was confronted by Pandey, “When I confronted him and asked him about the pup, he pushed me against the wall, verbally abused me and started manhandling me.”

Ingle, was released on bail of Rs 15,000 after being charged with cruelty to animals as well as assaulting Pandey.

This incident raises many questions, and it is high time we address them. Is it fair to purposefully kill an animal who hasn’t caused you any harm, in such a brutal manner and get away with it? Is it okay to abuse and manhandle women and not be punished for it?

“I live alone in Nagpur, my parents work in Jabalpur and hence they can’t come and live with me. I requested the police to take some action against Ingle for the sake of my safety. But the very next day, Ingle got a bail and he is roaming around freely as if nothing happened,” says the young lawyer.

Ingle has been charged under IPC sections 354, 429, 509, 504, 506 and relevant sections of Prevention of Cruelty to Animals Act, 1960. Section 354 of the IPC is non-bailable and yet, within 24 hours of the crime, the accused was released on bail.

Many people are coming out in support of Karnika and are demanding justice for the innocent animal who was brutally killed.

It is high time that inhuman creatures like Ingle get the judicial treatment they deserve.

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