Nagpur Mahametro's 53 Officers Enroll For IGNOU's Program Of Urban Planning

The initiative was inspired by the metro rail officials of Delhi and Chennai.

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Around 53 officers of the Mahametro Rail Corporation Ltd. have enrolled themselves for IGNOU’s one-year postgraduate diploma programme in urban planning and development.

The officers have registered at the regional center in Nagpur. The initiative was inspired by metro rail officers of Delhi and Chennai.

Amongst the 53 officials are the executive director and general manager, as well. Nagour stood out with its feat by having 53 registrations which beat the record of 48 officials of Delhi and Chennai each.

The course will be financed by the Mahametro and a waiver of Rs.3,600 shall be offered to every enrolled employee.

Janak Kumar Garg, Mahametro executive director threw light on the reasons such as convenience and course content for such a high number of enrollments.

“Basically, it is a new course and will give a comprehensive view of planning. The metro rail system is part of urban transport that comprises several other modes which are gradually becoming relevant. When I discussed about the course with IGNOU, I found that it would cover all those aspects and compliment the work experience of our employees,” he said.

Garg even disclosed that he had completed a disaster management program from the open university.

“It gives an advantage to working professional to take up different studies. The course material offered by IGNOU is really good,” he said.

P Sivaswaroop, the regional director of IGNOU revealed how he had offered an opportunity to the Mahametro officials for enrolling for their one-year PGP in urban planning and development.

“One of the objectives of IGNOU is also to help skilled professionals to upgrade their knowledge. I knew about Delhi and Chennai and then thought that such good practices can be replicated here too,” he said.

Sivaswaroop divulged that 20 more students apart from the metro officials have enrolled for the course too.

“We are hoping that the Mahametro facility in Civil Lines is made available for holding the classes which would commence from March. The Mahametro officials also include additional GM, senior section engineers, AGM, SrDGM , managers and supervisor-level officials,” he said.

The said course offers a detailed study in urban area planning and development. It is said that 2025, nearly half of the Indian population will be urbane.

“Therefore, the course will be useful for people involved in the urban development programmes and also to fresh graduates,” Sivaswaroop concluded.

Information source: timesofindia

Title image source: railanalysis

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