This Independence Day, No Loudspeakers For Desh Bhakti Songs In Nagpur

Sound systems will not be provided to any public or private gathering.

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This year, Independence Day in Nagpur will be a quiet affair. Owners of sound systems have collectively taken the decision to observe "No Loudspeakers Day" and will not provide sound services as a mark of protest.

Patronage has taken by the Vidarbha Backstage Association (VBA), and more than 250 owners of sound systems, stage lights and DJs of the region, along with other such associations of the state have refrained from providing sound service to any public or private gathering.

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In a report published in the Times of India, Bharasker Sandip, President of VBA said, "We are time and again harassed by the police who are not issuing permissions for sounds system and loudspeakers during festivals. With the increase in the size of people gatherings, it is impossible to provide entertainment without the proper sound system."

Supporting the design Paramjeet Singh Bhatti, vice-president of the association said, "Livelihoods of at least 10,000 people in Vidarbha is dependent on this business. We met the police authorities and requested permission for installing the sound system in a time-bound manner. In absence of a fixed timeframe, the police take as much time as they want to allow or reject permission".


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