Nagpurkars Living In Hyderabad, Rejoice! Indigo Starts Direct Nagpur-Hyderabad Flights

In their new set of flights from Bangalore, Hyderabad and Chennai, Indigo has announced a direct flight between Hyderabad and Nagpur!

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Remember those lonely weekends in Hyderabad when you wanted to come home but the only flights to Nagpur were some 10-12 hour long hopping flights?

Rejoice, because it’s time to say goodbye to those ridiculously long flights!

In their new set of flights from Bangalore, Hyderabad, and Chennai, Indigo has announced a direct flight between Hyderabad and Nagpur!

Yes people, start planning your next trip home!!

Travelling on a weekend by bus or train is not only time consuming, but it is equally tiring. When, on a 3-day trip, you are travelling for almost a day, you hardly get the time to have fun with family and friends back home.

“I study in Hyderabad and the time I always look forward to, is long weekends and a direct flight from Hyderabad to Nagpur means that I can reach home quicker and spend more time at home,” says Mahima Meshramkar, a postgraduate student at The English and Foreign Languages University, Hyderabad.

“Now I’m really looking forward to my end semester break!,” she adds.

“Like me, a lot of Nagpurkars live in Hyderabad for work or education and it is a great initiative by Indigo. A direct flight from Hyderabad will make travelling easier and cut down a travel time. In my opinion other airlines too should do the same,” says Anurag Wate, who works at Deloitte.

“Train reservations are really annoying when it comes to impromptu or surprise visits to the home, but with a direct flight that’s not very expensive, going home is easier as well as faster,” says Kawaljeet Kaur.

How I wish there was a direct flight when I was in Hyderabad! But, better late than never!

Information source: goindigo

Cover image source: tripadvisor

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