Nagpur Gets Ready To House India's First 7D Theatre In Koradi

In a move to have eco-friendly aarti, the temple will now burn one akhand jyot throughout the year from next Navratri.

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Nagpur is on a roll! From the newly constructed Suresh Bhat auditorium to the Metro trial runs, Nagpur will probably look back at 2017 as one remarkable year!

Furthering the streak of good news is the news of Nagpur getting country’s first 7D theatre in Koradi. The theatre will also have another dome-shaped theatre which will use the cyclorama technology. The two theatres will become operational by March 2019.

Chandrashekhar Bawankule, the guardian minister, spoke about these theatres at a press conference on Thursday. He said the cinemas are a part of the Koradi Temple development project.

"The two theatres, costing total Rs 25 crore, will be built using Mahagenco and Maharashtra Tourism Development Corporation (MTDC) funds. They will show clips on world tourism, India tourism, Maharashtra tourism and Nagpur tourism. Mahagenco will show a clip on how power is generated," said the minister.

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Getting into the details, Bawankule said that the 7-D technology was basically 3-D technology without the use of special glasses. It uses the virtual and augmented reality.

"The clips will be shown on video screens. If an animal is shown on the screen, it will run away as soon as you try to touch it. When the screen shows Taj Mahal, you will feel you are actually close to the monument," he further said.

Talking about the cyclorama theatre, he said the movie clips will be screened on the dome-shaped top.

"It will be unique experience for people of the region and also those who come to Koradi from other places," Bawankule said.

Bawankule spoke elaborately about the Koradi Temple Development project. He announced that Mahagenco’s Koradi lake will be used as the base for the seaplane project.

He said, "From there it will operate on routes - Ambazari (for Nagpur), Paras (for Shegaon), Khindsi (for Pench National Park) and Irai (for Tadoba National Park). The routes will become operational by March 2019. Nagpur Improvement Trust (NIT) has already signed a memorandum of understanding (MoU) with Maharashtra Maritime Board for this purpose."

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As one of the trustees of the Koradi temple, Bawankule announced that the temple management will provide four amenities by itself. The state government had already sanctioned Rs. 200 crores for development of the Koradi temple.

"These include meditation centre, a 250-bed old age home, orphanage and rehabilitation centre for handicapped persons. In addition, we will provide free meals to 500 persons every day," he added.

A 21kg idol of Koradi Mata in gold is to be constructed, as decided by the temple management. The idol will be beautified with gold ornaments which will weigh approximately 11 kgs. The management has also decided to build the sanctum sanctorum in silver.

"People can donate gold and silver for this project at Rokde Jewellers' counter at the temple. Or they can donate money at HDFC Bank counter or transfer the amount online," the minister said.

In a move to have eco-friendly aarti, the temple will now burn one akhand jyot throughout the year from next Navratri instead of burning 10,000 lamps during Navratri and Chaitra Mas.

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