Nagpur Patient’s Heart Travels To Mumbai For Transplant For The First Time

This incident becomes the first of its kind in the region where so many parts have been harvested from the body of a single patient.

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Very first time in the history of Nagpur, the heart of a brain-dead patient was transplanted in a 33-year-old man from Mumbai.

The donor was from Gondia district - a 48-year-old engineer working with the National Highways Authority of India. He was declared brain-dead a few days ago while being treated for blood clot in the brain at Neuron hospital.

The patient was treated with medicines, as surgery was not possible, since he was suffering from high blood pressure, but it didn’t help. Wankhede, the Secretary of Zonal Transplant Co-ordination Committee told the Indian Express, “Finally, he was declared brain-dead. The doctors counselled the family for donation of his organs. The patient’s daughter studying in Gondia Medical College said her father had expressed his desire to donate his organs to needy patients”.

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The family gave a go-ahead and the patient was shifted to Orange City Hospital (OCH) for further processes. “In the intervening period, patients with matching requirements were found. After removing his organs like heart, liver, kidneys, eyes and skin, the heart and liver were sent in the afternoon by an air ambulance and successfully transplanted in Mumbai and Pune patients, respectively,” he added.

He further informed that this was the first time that a heart from the city was taken out and transplanted in a patient far away, however the liver has been taken out of the city a few times earlier.

According to the report published in the Indian Express, the liver of the patient was transplanted in a 64-year-old female patient in Pune while the40-year-old man at OCH, and a 31-year-old man at Care hospital in the city got the kidneys.

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