Nagpur Girl Pens “Think And Win Like Dhoni”: Self-Help Book Inspired By Captain Cool

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Sfurti Sahare, a Nagpur-born software engineer was stumped by Dhoni’s innings in the World Cup Final of 2011 which helped India win its second World Cup after 28 years. The winning stint motivated her to jump off the software bandwagon and pursue her passion.

Sahare became a motivational speaker and writer, and her book, “Think and Win like Dhoni”, has hit the stands on the beloved cricketer’s birthday.

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His calm and composed demeanour on field and his ability to lead in the most stressful of situations could, she believes, help the most demotivated of people turn over a new leaf. Her self-help book, she says, is “about 5 things which Dhoni has, which make him exceptional”.

City News,Local News,Events,local events,Discover,entertainment,fashion,movies

Sahare with MS Dhoni. Source: sportskeeda

In an interview to Sportskeeda, the Pune-based writer also added, “I am a fan of Dhoni’s mind, I am a fan of his thinking pattern. If you ask me if I am a fan of Dhoni – I am a fan of his thinking and I really wish to get that in me.”

Amazon reviews of this book are shining, to say the least:

“... A book is not all about dhoni's achievements but it's about his reaction to the situation and mind set.and it's more intresting with live incidents of M.s.Dhoni...”

“...Excellent book. It makes the most pessimistic person start thinking positively…”

“Book which give you a new hope, motivation, it will inspire you...Must read for all msd fans”

The book is available on Amazon and other major e-commerce sites, as well as your nearest Crossword outlet.

Ordering your copy already? What qualities about Dhoni do you admire the most? Share with us in the comments below!

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