Throwback Thursday: Activities & Places That Nagpur's Gen X Opted For Entertainment!

From catching a film in Liberty to spending Sundays in Ambazari Garden, those days were pure gold.

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While the millennials are still hopelessly obsessed with the 90s, Gen X is no less. They still crave for the simpler times. The times when they laughed at actual jokes and not some random memes. Also when using the internet was more of a luxury and Rahul Gandhi was touted as the most eligible bachelor of India.

Earlier, we took you down a memory lane by revisiting the coolest hangout places of that time. This time, we’ll tell you about things that served source(s) of entertainment for Nagpur’s Gen X. Here’s the list:

1. The times when single screen theatres were considered cool!

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Years before PVR and Cinemax established their foothold in Nagpur, every youngster opted for single screen theatres for watching Bollywood blockbusters, first-day first show. No overrated, overpriced food items, no ridiculously costly ticket rates, watching a movie in the theatre was such a pleasant experience at that time. No ‘Bookmyshow’ can match the adrenaline rush of buying a ticket in black or standing in a never ending cue.

Sadly, once jam packed, theatres like Smruti, Liberty and Alankar, today have taken a deserted look. Fortunately, Sudama and Laxmi are still first preferences for lovers of Marathi cinema.

2. The times when borrowing a CD from J P House was an every summer ritual!

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This was the post VCR period. Movie CDs were very much in demand and thus the concept of CD parlours came into the picture. And JP House in Gokulpeth was Nagpur’s one of the most popular CD parlours at that time. Borrowing a CD for mere 30 bucks per day was such an affordable and convenient option. So many days of summer vacation were spent while watching Harry Potter movies brought from these CD parlours. Unfortunately, technology advanced and it ruined the whole beauty of watching movies together, like a family!

3. The times when Ambazari and Maharajbagh stayed true to their purpose!

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When there were no malls or fancy hanging out places, Nagpurkars opted for the most quintessential recreational spots in Nagpur- Ambazari Garden and Maharajbagh. Boating was a must do activity when you visited Ambazari garden. And how can we forget the amazing Appu Ghar and the giant elephant slide? Maharajbagh, on the other hand, was favourite for every school. It was and is Nagpur’s only proper zoo which Nagpurkars were really proud of. Today, they look different. Cheerful families have been replaced by love making couples and these places have lost their real purpose.

4. The times when Dharampeth was THE place to hangout!

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A good number of restaurants were opening in Dharampeth and hence this was a go to place for Gen X. Also, this is one of the places in Nagpur which served as an adda for the people from that generation. Many friendships were made over the Rs 5 smart cone from Haldiram's.

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5. The times when gaming only meant play stations!

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For the youngsters who were bored of playing Super Mario and Contra, playstations proved to be a boon. The rage was so much that some people even opened playstations in their homes. NetMagic and Bloomberg were some of the most popular playstations. Smackdown, Need For Speed and all this for just 15 bucks per hour. Strangers turned into friends and friends into enemies, thanks to all those matches played at these playstations.

6. The times when a cup of coffee meant only Indian Coffee House!

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If we are talking about sources of entertainment, then how can we leave an important source. Thanks to Bollywood and television shows like ‘Just Mohabbat’, coffee dates helped in impressing your crush(es). And there was only one place which served the best coffee and it was not as expensive as today’s CCD or Starbucks. And the best part: It actually tasted like coffee!

7. The times when spending evenings in the playground was mandatory!

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Those were the times when cell phone and computer for that matter were considered as luxury items. Hence, every evening was spent by playing gully cricket, football, volleyball and other such outdoor games. Reshimbag ground, Kasturchand Park, NBYS, VNIT ground and Laxmi Nagar ground were so crowded that groups had to wait for their turn. Sadly, you’ll spot very few enthusiastic youngsters, nowadays!

Oh, Lord! Can you give me those good old days back, already?!

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