Nagpur Gears Up To Host Five-Day Theatre Festival From March 27

The festival will begin with three-hour long theatre workshop.

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Nagpur gears up to host a five-day theatre festival commencing from March 27 which is celebrated as the ‘World Theatre Day’. The festival is being organized by ‘Rashtra Bhasha Parivar’ along with ‘First Bell On Stage’ and will be held in the Rashtra Bhasha Bhavan.

During the five days, the festival will showcase six dramas, three each in Hindi and Marathi. A three-hour long theatre workshop will be held on the first day of the festival. Nagpur based writer and director Rupesh Pawar will open the session at 9am with an introduction to theatre and conduct the workshop.

An open mic will be hosted on the second day of the festival. Young, aspiring writers and poets will be given a platform to present their poetry and other literary works. “The idea is to create a communication channel between actors and writers,” says Pawar.

On March 29, 30 and 31, two plays will be staged per day. Of the two plays, one will be in Hindi and other in Marathi. Around 15 to 20 artists will share a stage to exhibit the plays, a first ever. The first play will be late director Prakash Lunge’s ‘Picnic’, which will be followed by ‘Peshawar se Lahore tak’ – a Hindi drama produced by the artistes of Rashtra Bhasha Parivar

The theatre festival is organized twice a year with an aim to act as fillers when the other theatre activities are not being organized in the city.

“An artiste struggles a lot to put his first creation on stage and First Bell on Stage is a movement started in 2007 which hopes to provide that opportunity to all such writers, directors and actors,” says Pawar. Over the past few years, about 20 dramas have been opened at this festival till date and have gone on to win awards at numerous competitions.

Noted artistes such as Shankarrao Magarkar and Madhukarrao Barde will be paid tribute by musing over their contribution towards theatre. A discussion will be held by a senior theatre person who will speak about design, make-up and costume artist Magarkar and sound and light artist Barde, before the performance begins.

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