Nagpur To Get Its First Liver Transplant Unit In A City Hospital

The unit will save the cost for the local patients who travel to other cities for a transplant.

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Keeping the trend of advanced development in the city on a roll, Nagpur is all set to add another feather in its cap. The city will get its first liver transplant unit at the New Era Hospital and Research Institute (NEHRI) in Lakadganj.

Nagpur will be the fourth city in Maharashtra to have a faciliated unit for the liver transplant. Along with NEHRI, three more hospitals have pitched in for the state government’s permission. The hospital has been bombarded with offers and is awaiting its first donor or cadaver liver.

Having a facility within the city will reduce the hassles of local patients of travelling to other cities for a transplant. Also, as compared to hospitals in the metro cities which charge approximately Rs. 32 – Rs. 40 lakhs, NEHRI will charge Rs. 20 lakhs only. The charges are excluding the cost of immuno-suppressants which the patients need to take all throughout their lives.

Director of the NEHRI, Dr. Anand Sancheti has assured that infrastructure wise the hospital is well equipped. About Rs. 75 lakhs to Rs. 1 crore has been expended to set up the special ICU.

“The hospital will have Dr Rahul Saxena as a full-time liver surgeon. We have also created rooms with positive pressure to prevent patients from getting any outside air into the room to prevent infections,” he said.

The NABH accredited hospital looks forward to include a heart transplant facility in the coming months.

Another director of NEHRI, Dr. Nidheesh Mishra, disclosed that about 30-40 OPD patients are suffering from liver problems, out of which about a 50% need a transplant.

“Country needs about 30,000 liver transplants annually, but only about 800-1,000 transplants happen actually,” he said.

Leading the team of liver transplant will be Dr. Saxena who has so far conducted 1,000 transplants successfully. Along with Dr. Saxena, the transplant team will also include Dr. Vijendra Kirnake, gastroenterologist, Dr. Rahul Rai, hematologist and Dr. Amol Kokas, intensivist.

Information source: timesofindia

Title image source: manipalhospitals

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