Nagpur Family Court Brings Back 116 Couples In 2017

The event which was conducted five times last year, was led by principal judge IM Bohari.

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Lok Adalat or people’s court which was deployed to settle disputes through conciliation and compromise has only gone on to restore people’s faith over the year.

The family court of Nagpur’s Lok Adalat has also been achieving a great deal of success by the kind of judgments that are given and its speed. The previous year was a remarkable one for the court reunited 24 couples and brought together 116 couples. Most of these couples had filed cases of separation.

The event which was conducted five times last year was led by principal judge IM Bohari. Around 216 cases were up for divorce, 323 were for child’s custody, maintenance, recovery etc. Apart from the 116 cases of reunion, about a 169 other cases were settled. This has led to a major decrease in the number of cases pending.

Gifts and certificates were presented to the couple of the first case which was settled by Bohari and other judges, including Subhash Kafre, Prashant Agnihotri and Palak Jamadar and MR Manthanwar (retired).

Others who accompanied were registrar Sunil Katekar, manager Rasika Kasture, and other court officials, including senior counsellor Shankar Pande.

 Source: genxsentinel

While speaking to TOI, Bohri said, “We convinced the couples of taking advantage of Lok Adalat to sort out their differences and settle them amicably. We tell them to save their precious time and money by using this unique platform. For every case coming to us, we always try to save the marriage through counsellors and mediators. We make efforts to reunite the couples for the sake of their kids and family. But if they want to end the marriage, we convince them to do it amicably, through Lok Adalat.”

The concept of awarding the reunited couples with a ‘certificate of appreciation’ is one of a kind which was brought to the Nagpur Family Court by principal judge Bohari. It was brought forth in 2016 and was lauded by the couples. The certificate consists of signature of the principal judge, panel judge, marriage counselor, a lawyer and a social worker or mediator who works with the Mediation Centre.

Data of the number of cases instituted and resolved last year in Lok Adalat:

Date ---------- Cases ---------- BPP* ----------- Reunited ----------- Settled:

Feb 11 ---------- 90 ---------- 33 ---------- 15 ---------- 23

Apr 8 ---------- 101 ----------- 41 -----------16 ----------- 28

July 8 ----------- 115 ----------- 59 ----------- 36 ----------- 50

Sept 9 ----------- 106 ----------- 40 ----------- 26 ----------- 33

Dec 9 ----------- 127 ----------- 43 ----------- 23 ----------- 35

Total ----------- 539 ----------- 216 ----------- 116 ----------- 169

(*BPP — Both parties present)

Information source:timesofindia

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