Nagpur's 5 Most Expensive New Hangout Spots! #2 Will Definitely Leave You High And Dry!

The next time someone tries to tell how low-key Nagpur is, take them to these spots and give their mouths some rest.

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I recently took a dekko at the menu of one of the fine dines that mushroomed in the city and it left me struggling for some air and a glass of water. How thankful at least water, an essential, is provided to us at a negligible amount! The prawn curry was charged 300 percent of how much a kilogram would cost at any average day. (Do the math, y’all.)

But I could see the diners at the table next to mine chomping off on the prawns and other delicacies as if it were a feast for 12! But why am I surprised, if the government can make us shell out a bomb for an essential as petrol, the restro owners might as well join the bandwagon.

Now my 2 cents on the fuel price rise isn’t anywhere close to your expert economist. But as a resident of Nagpur (a city that is currently paying Rs 88.21/litre) who drives around the town on my own ride, the price rise has not burnt a hole in my pocket but has set it on fire! While a rise in the base price is understandable, increase in the customs by 10-12 paisa every now and then, isn’t. With Sunday’s hike, the petrol prices have set a record high and, in my opinion, the new grand spots in the city are not bars, clubs and lounges but the petrol pumps! And why not, a major chunk of my money does go the petrol pumps (PP, hereafter) and I’m left with a little to go eat out.

So we at Reacho, have compiled the list of 5 such expensive (new) hangout spots which will leave you high and dry!

Scroll down for the list!

1) The one at - Constitution Square aka RBI Square

 Source: hindustantimes

Giving stiff competition to the RBI, which stares right in its face, is our numero-uno contender. If you ask me, this square is a lucky one that can make you reach new heights! Be it interest rates by the apex banks, voices of the protestors or the fuel prices, everything at the square raises! (Stop racing your dirty minds now! )Btw, no prices for guessing, our contender won and you know how! *wink wink* from us and *hoodwink* from the government!

2) The one at - Shankar Nagar Square

 Source: wikimapia

For some hardcore Nagpurkars, Dharampeth to Nagpur is what Manhattan is to New York. Not even kidding. And Shankar Nagar, the starting point of aapla Manhattan, just recently made sure that buying fuel is as good as buying yourself an Americano at Starbucks, New York. (Google the price, bawa!) Nonetheless, the USP of the this one is that it houses a restro and an ATM. And why not, for shelling out so much for the fuel, one does need an ATM at hand and a glass of water with a pinch of salt!

3) The Reliance Petrol Pump at Chhaoni

 Source: reliancepetroleum

If it’s Reliance, it has to be in style and chic. This PP is the perfect spot to blow off some steam and money! The best part, it is slightly away from the hustle-bustle of the city which is great as it provides a lot of fresh air in case you fainted after paying up for the fuel. A country-club like atmosphere with pulsating blue lights of the mirchi-lights from last Diwali, this one is sure a “chilling” spot!

4) The Essar Petrol Pump at Wardha Road

 Source: justdial

I call this one exotic. Situated at the fringes of the city, quaint, adorned with props and banners of the corsa red in color, this one can transport you to any club abroad for a second! But for just a second! You are brought back into reality the next moment when you see the fuel rate panel. But hey, a chic club serves only the best of scotch and a chic petrol pump only serves the high-priced fuel. Status, after all!

5) The one at - Mate Square

 Source: geoview

This one is, by far, the liveliest of all spots! A host of restaurants, a couple of bars and an IIM which towers the PP – doesn’t it have enough reason to be pricey by itself ?! This place also offers some great music on the occasion of Mata ki chowki, Baba ka julus and the sweet sound of the protestors who are raising this voices at par with the petrol prices! Hua na full on - Entertainment! Entertainment! Entertainment!

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