Nagpur Cops All Set To Fight Against The Blue Whale Challenge!

Most of the Blue Whale games available on the App stores are not directly linked with the Russian suicide game.

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While major cities of India are facing a tough time battling the cases of Blue Whale Challenge,  fortunately, Nagpur hasn’t come up with any such case till now. However, city cops find this online game dangerous and hence are taking every preventive measure possible. 

Source: IndianExpress 

To fight this menace cops are taking help of teachers, parents, and psychologists to spread awareness.

Talking to the Times of India CP, Dr. K Venkatesh said, “It is true that till date not a single case of blue whale related suicide has been reported in our city, but we have to be alert and prepared. For this, we have started a campaign on social media through which we are educating the parents to give limited Internet access to their wards. We are also reaching out to lakhs of Nagpurians via Twitter, Instagram and Facebook and asking the parents to be extremely alert."

Source:  NDTV

While spreading awareness among the parents, head of the cyber cell, Nagpur, ACP Ashwini Patil explained the alerts, "There are 50 tasks that are a part of this blue whale suicide game and we have explained all these on social media to educate the parents. Many of these tasks include self-inflicted injuries and these tasks are mostly carried out from midnight to 5 am. So if your child is awake during these hours, you have to check exactly what he is doing. Also, there is a system of child lock available through which you can stop your child from downloading certain games via smart phones or computers."

However, according to cyber experts, most of the Blue Whale games available on the App stores are not directly linked with the Russian suicide game. ACP Patil added, "It is a Russian game that works on a suicide challenge, but the point is that while clicking on certain unknown links, youngsters can be led to the dangerous variant. This possibility can't be ruled out. And it is not just a depressed youngster but also an extra adventurous teenager who can fall prey to unscrupulous handlers' machination."

Source: Economic times

API Vishal Mane, who has done various social awareness campaigns for the city police said, "It is not just the parents, we are also reaching out to the city youngsters with a vengeance. We have shot a touching video where a young girl is telling the youngsters to stay away from blue whale game. By next week, we will circulate it on social media. We are also organising seminars in over 250 schools and colleges of Nagpur. Every month we are reaching out to over 1200 youngsters with the help of various NGOs, clubs and common people of Nagpur. From November we are also about to start a full-fledged online campaign to reach out to 4.5 lakh people of Nagpur to tackle dangerous games like blue whale and cyber bullying tactics including Sarahah."

City cops listed 50 tasks on social media, Fighting Blue Whale threat:

Source: EconomicTimes

The Danger signs are:

# Watch out if your child posts anything with hashtags #CuratorFindMe, #F57, #BlueWhale, #wakemeupat420.

# Look out for signs of self-harm like cuts and bruises and sudden behavioral changes in your child.

# Watch out for your teen's sleeping patterns. Blue Whale challenge includes tasks that are supposed to be performed at odd hours.

# If your teen is already suffering from depression, anxiety or some form of depressive episodes, HE/SHE is at a higher risk of falling prey to the sadistic network.

To know more about BlueWhale challenge, click here !

Information Source: TOI

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