All Nagpur Colleges To Become Wifi Equipped

The university has signed a contract with an internet sharing company and students will now get access to free Wi-Fi on campus.

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With all the negative news speculating around RTMNU, we finally have a good news to share with the city's youngsters. RTMNU recently announced that all the colleges under its ambit will be equipped with Wi-Fi in the coming academic session.

The university has signed a contract with an internet sharing company and students will now get access to free Wi-Fi on campus.

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As internet is the need of the hour, there is a lot of excitement and support among the students for this move. Reacho spoke to some students about how they feel about the latest amenity.

Shivani Yete, currently studying at LIT, showed full support towards the move.   

“Wifi connection in the campus can go on giving lots of benefits if taken in a positive way by students mostly. It can get the students easily connected to the information needed at the spot time. According to me such a facility can provide scope of easy information exchange," she said.

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Another student From St. Vincent Pallotti College, Prasad Pande said,

“Wifi should be made available in the college campus. It will allow easy internet access to the students as well as the teachers. It will enable the students to get the academic information as well as the University schedule then and there in the college itself. And in order to prevent misuse of the wifi service certain sites can also be blocked ensuring that the users may not misuse the internet.” 

Sayli Ubgade from LIT, on the other hand, addressed both sides of the coin,

“In my opinion if rtmnu is providing free wifi in our college it would be very helpful for us as we have our minor and major projects to do so it would help us a lot in doing that moreover it would also have disadvantage because  most of the students would make miss use of it in my opinion rtmnu has taken a right decision by providing wifi in colleges,” she said.

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