Nagpur: Coldest Of All Towns In Vidarbha Region

Nagpur experiencing cold like never before, temperature falls to 11 degrees.

Nagpur, Vidarbha, Mercury, temperature, 11.7 degrees, November, Regional Meteorological Office

Mercury continues to dip further for the third consecutive day in Nagpur. On Wednesday morning Nagpur recorded the lowest minimum temperature of the season with temperature dropping to 11.7 degrees. This is the coldest November for the city and also made it the coldest amongst all the Vidarbha cities. The last time Nagpur experienced this kind of weather was in November 2010.  

Besides Nagpur the other cities who faced the cold weather were Akola, Gondia and Yavatmal.   

Gondia was the second coldest after Nagpur at 12 degrees, with Yavatmal at 12.4 and Akola at 13 not far behind.

The  Regional Meteorological Office has also predicted today to register lowest minimum temperature (9 degree Celcius) for the week which will increase slightly in the coming days. However, there will not be much change in the maximum temperature.

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