Nagpur’s Popular Alley- Chitar Oli Is All Set To Welcome Bappa In The Most Exuberant Way

Your eyes will light up every time you step in here.

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While the commencement of Ganeshotsav just round the corner, you see every corner of the city illuminated in every imaginable colour. We’re sure that you are already engulfed with the vibes of celebration and are eagerly waiting for the day when you’ll actually walk down the street of Chitar Oli and hand-pick the idol.

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As you might know, Chitar Oli is the most popular alley of Nagpur from where you can select your ideal idol at the best price. The moment you step into that lane, you’ll be welcomed by the beautiful sight of thousands of Ganesh idols, embellished and waiting for you to get selected.

The process of idol - making starts months before Ganesh Chaturthi, where only clay/PoP is seen moulded into various creative art forms of Bappa.

Once done with the basic structure, the idol is then smeared with lime wash.

After letting it dry, the idol is adorned with beautiful accessories made of clay.

Later, the artist takes his brush and starts painting. Effortless as it looks, painting the idol is one of the most painstaking jobs.

Once done with all this, the artist then gives the final touch to the idol by working on the nuances.

With an attempt to match up the footsteps of the trend, contemporary theme based Idols are seen arranged in the array.

All images sourced from facebook.

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