Nagpur To Get Nation’s Cheapest Bone Marrow Transplant Facility

In addition to BMT, NCI will also launch MRI and PET scan machines on the same day.

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Nagpur will soon have the bone marrow transplant (BMT) at the National Cancer Institute (NCI), Jamtha.

Shailesh Joglekar, secretary of D. Aabaji Thatte Seva Aur Anusandhan Sanstha, which operates NCI informed that the facility will be launched with the first department of Central India dedicated to paediatric oncology.

The NCI officials informed that the BMT will be the cheapest in the country, as it is going to be offered at less than 50% of the regular price. However, the officials also claimed that the people, who cannot afford, will be offered the facility free of cost under the same roof, without compromising on the quality of treatment.

"At any other institute or private hospital, BMT is offered at a cost of Rs15 to 24 lakh," TOI quoted an official. 

He revealed that though NCI is yet to fix the price of transplant, it is definitely going to be offered at a fraction of the price, which could go as low as Rs 8 lakh.

"A poor patient will be given free treatment, depending on the financial status. But a patient will never be sent back home because of money matters," the official added. 

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Joglekar said, "Other than deploying trained manpower and organizing equipment, special arrangements have been made to keep the ambient air in its purest form since BMT patients are at a huge risk of catching infections."

"The isolation is provided in such a way that when one opens the door of the unit the outside air cannot come inside. The BMT unit is in three rooms. To get inside the main chamber, one has to pass through two doors. The first room will have level 1 air pressure, the second has level 2, and the main chamber is at level 3. There are extremely few doctors who have been professionally trained for BMT. NCI has appointed BMT specialist Dr Pankaj Dwivedi, who will take care of the unit " said NCI joint director (clinical operation) Dr Atul Adaniya.

Information Source: TOI

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